February 12, 2024

Onwards to Early Access and Launch

Be ready to explore the world of Skull and Bones on PC (Ubisoft Connect & Epic Games Store), PS5 and Xbox series X|S, launching on 16th of February 2024, or 13th of February 2024 with our early access for those who pre-ordered or bought the Premium Edition before or after this date


  • Platforms: PC (Ubisoft Connect & Epic Games Store), PS5, Xbox series X|S


[SnB] Guide to Early access and launch - Launch timezone

  • Installation File size:

    • PC: ~50 GB
    • Xbox Series X|S: ~50 GB
    • PS5: ~50 GB
  • Cross-progression: enabled.

  • Cross-play: enabled.

  • Languages available in game:

  • EN, AR, ES, JP, PT, TCH, SCH, DE, FR, KR, ES, IT, PL

If you participated in the Open Beta, your progress will be carried over to the release, or early access version, allowing you to pick up your journey right where you left it.

Skull and Bones Friend referral program

Our friend referral program will kick off with the release of Skull and Bones on the 16th of February. Invite your friends to play the game for all of you to earn rewards!

The Friend referral program is available on PC, Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

Once you purchased the game and started playing, you are eligible to invite your friends.

You will be able to invite those among your friends who have not yet played Skull and Bones. Invites can only be sent once to someone – if they have already been invited you will not be able to invite them again.

The more friends you invite, the higher the number of rewards. Your friend will need to have sunk 2 ships in game and purchased any version of Skull and Bones for you to receive the rewards.


Number of friends invitedReward
1Resource Pack (including Water Flask, Acacia Plank, Cast Iron Ingot and Fine Jute) [SnB] Guide to Early access and launch 01A resourcesPack 90x90 & On your grave Emote [SnB] Guide to Early access and launch 01B friendRef rara 90x90
2The Murky Deep - Hull Colour [SnB] Guide to Early access and launch 02 hullColor 90x90
3The Luring Lurker - Sail Colour LT[SnB] Guide to Early access and launche 03  sailColor 90x90
4Rake and Rip - Sail Pattern [SnB] Guide to Early access and launch 04 pattern 90x90
5The Angler - Emblem [SnB] Guide to Early access and launch 05 emb 90x90

If you have been invited by your friend, you will be able to unlock the On your Grave Emote and Resource Pack (including water flask, acacia plank, cast iron ingot and fine jute), which you will receive once you’ve purchased any version of the game and sank 2 ships.


[SnB] Guide to Early access and launche Pc Spec


Any seasoned Captain would know, preparation is key to survival. Tip the scales in your favour and claim your spot at the top of the food chain by checking out the following devblogs:


From the 13th to the 28th of February, as you watch your favourite streamers take on a fort, plunder a settlement or even sail around enjoying sea shanties, you can unlock rewards to equip your ship.

[SnB] Guide to Early access and launch twitch launchDrops v002


  • 1 hour of watch time:  Ocean's Allure (Hull Color) & Ocean's Melody (Sail Colour)

  • 2 hours of watch time: Lullaby (Sail Pattern) & Crooning Maiden (Sail Emblem)

  • 3h of watch time: Siren's Embrace (Trophy) & The Enchantress (Figurehead)

How to unlock your Twitch Drop:

  • Watch one of the Twitch streamers with a "Drops enabled" tag for the duration required by the reward specified above.

  • Once you receive notification that the drop has been unlocked, you’ll have 24h to claim it.

Keep an eye out as well for the Twitch extension All Aboard. More details will be coming soon on the topic.


There are plenty of settings to take advantage of, within Skull and Bones photo mode.

In between two plunders, take a minute to immortalise your favourite location, that one sunrise that made you stop for an instant, this crocodile that looked so peaceful before it tried to swallow you whole. We’re always on the lookout for epic content, so don’t hesitate to share your best moments in game on social media.


If you feel the call of the sea and wish to be more involved in the world of Skull and Bones, do not hesitate to sign up for the Insider Program. The Insider Program is an on-going live testing initiative where selected players play different iterations of the game.

If that sounds like something you want to get involved in, you can find more info and apply here.

The wheel is yours Captains, now it's time to open the sails and start exploring!

You can keep up to date with the latest news of Skull and Bones by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and/or Ubisoft Discord.