The Insider Program is a unique opportunity to test early versions of our game, share your feedback and help us make Skull and Bones the best it can be!

Discover our insider program

What's the Insider Program?

The Insider Program is on-going live testing initiative for which we're inviting carefully selected players to play an early version of our game in real conditions before anyone else. Meaning for the very first time, members of our Insider Program get to play Skull and Bones and get a sneak peek at the work our development team has been doing behind the scenes.

Get Real Data

One of our objectives is to get real data. We want to see what our players do when they're free to play our game whenever they want, however they want.

Get Feedback

Our second objective is to get real feedback. It is important for us to know how players feel about the game so that we can develop the areas and expand on the concepts to achieve a better experience for our players.

Share with you

We've established dedicated channels of communication reserved for members of the Insider Program to share about their experience, discuss with each other and get information straight from our development team.

Who is invited?

For now we're keeping the group of participants relatively small. It's important for us to ensure we do things carefully, and set things up in a way that allows us to fully understand the feedback we receive.


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