March 12 2020

Dev Blog: Team Moves

Roller Champions requires more than just pretty jumps and nice throws, the best teams need to coordinate, but more importantly, they need to play together!

To this end, the Roller Champions team is proud to introduce “Team Moves”, a new way for you to interact with your teammates.


When you are close to a teammate, you can grab onto them by pressing the ‘’RB’’ button (Xbox controller), “R1” (PS4 Controller), or the ‘’F’’ key (Keyboard). This does not hinder the player you are attached to, so don’t worry, but they do have control of the speed and direction both of you are going.

Team Grapple Jump

Once connected, what else can you do? For starters, a spring jump! Pressing the ‘’A’’ button (Xbox), “Cross” button (PS4), or the ‘’Space’’ key (Keyboard) will allow you to leap off the back of your teammate and soar higher through the air than a normal jump, allowing for higher vertical play.

Team Grapple Whip

Speed is a big factor of Roller Champions, and Team Moves are a new way to reach greater speeds. Releasing and then pressing the ‘’RT’’ button (Xbox), ‘’R2’’ button (PS4) or the ‘’Shift’’ key (Keyboard) while connected with a teammate will whip you forward with a boost of speed. Time to catch those runaways!

Team Grapple Pump

So, we talked about speed, why not talk about more speed? You probably already know how to pump those legs down slopes and use gravity and momentum to your advantage. Just apply those same concepts with your teammate, by holding the LT button (Xbox) ‘’L2’’ button (PS4), or the ‘’Shift’’ key (Keyboard) to pump those legs at the same time and see how fast you can get!

These Team Moves will add depth to the Roller Champions gameplay and we hope you find ways to take these to new heights and speeds.

Thank you stopping by and reading today’s Dev Blog. To stay up-to-date on all the latest Roller Champions news follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

See you in the Rink, Champions!

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