March 16 2020

Dev Blog: Tips and Tricks

A lot has changed since many of you played during our E3 Demo last year. To make sure that everyone is ready to roll into the rink, we thought it would be great to let the developers of the game share a few tips and tricks with you. Let’s start this series off with Jon and Phillip, Game Designers on Roller Champions.

Flow / Counter-flow

Completing a lap consists of getting the ball through the 4 checkpoints of the rink in order (counter clockwise), but the shortest way is not always the safest. Some teams might choose to willingly go the opposite way and bypass opponent's defense. Find what works for your team!

Practice Makes Perfect

When in a match, you are all under pressure. With opponents threatening you and teammates counting on you, it is not the ideal moment to learn something new. Jump into Practice Mode and throw a few balls around to get the feel of how things work. You can even add bots when you are comfortable to add a bit of match realism.

Cover more Ground

General team melees are fun and exciting, but once you have the ball, spreading your team out can help you cover more ground quickly. Pass the ball down the lane and see how fast you can complete those laps.

Draft like a Champion

Speed is key. One tool in your Roller Champion arsenal is the ability to gain speed from drafting other players, both teammates and opponents. Follow another player, and once you see the drafting lines appear around you, you know that your speed will pick up. So, go forth and channel your inner racer.

Pump it!

Did we say speed was key? Cause speed is key. Another way to gain speed in Roller Champions is to master the slopes with pumping; make yourself small, lower that center of mass and let gravity do its thing. So, go forth and channel your inner rock rolling down hill as well!

Dive the Ball

Tackling is a useful tool in your Roller Champions belt; but did you know you can Dive Tackle? Double press your tackle button and you will dive in the direction you want. You can then use this to dive for the ball when it's loose and try to secure it for your team!

Trust the Pass

Passing is an essential part of Roller Champions, using it to your advantage is a great way to deepen your skills. Roller Champions has an auto-pass between teammates, but the real challenge is to learn when to throw that pass. Keep in mind that it’s all about finding the right timing!

Learn When to Pass

The ball can easily be intercepted when passing, especially when the thrower or the receiver are in tight groups with opponents. So, continuously asking for a pass without checking your surroundings or that of your teammates might make other players become unlikely to throw passes. Learn when to ask for the pass as well as when to throw it.


The other team about to score a 5-point goal? Just can’t get that tackle? Place yourself between them and the goal. Time it right with your jump and you might just intercept the game winning shot.

If you follow these tips and tricks, you’ll be setting yourself up for a very strong start in the rink. Thank you stopping by and reading today’s Dev Blog.

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We'll see you in the Rink!

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