March 17 2020

Dev Blog: Overtime

In Roller Champions there is more than one way to claim a glorious victory for your team.

In sports like hockey, basketball or soccer, if the competing teams are still tied at the end of the match, additional time will be added on and they’ll enter overtime. Roller Champions follows the same logic.

Let’s break down the system for you. The first thing you need to know about it is that there are two possible outcome; Regular and Last Chance Overtime.

Regular Overtime

If the score is tied when the timer hits zero, you’ll enter Regular Overtime. During Regular Overtime, an additional 3 minutes will be added to the match.

If your team scores a goal during Regular Overtime, victory is yours and the match comes to an end. In the event that no points were scored during Regular Overtime, the match will end as a draw once the 3 minutes are over.

Last Chance Overtime

Now this is where things start to get interesting! With Roller Champions, we wanted to accentuate the tension at the end of matches you’ve had a tough match, your team is of points behind and it looks like defeat is inevitable.

This is where Last Chance Overtime comes into play, if the losing team is in control of the ball after the timer reaches zero, 3 additional minutes of overtime will be added. You now got that "Last Chance" to either even the odds or reverse the outcome by claiming victory!

[RBS] Last_Chance_960x540

During Last Chance overtime, if at any moment your opponent manages to successfully get ball control back, the match is over and victory will be theirs.

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