June 28 2022

Event Guide

Welcome to the weekend! Roller Champions rolls out different special events in the form of a unique game modes or minigames for your enjoyment. Whether you’re looking to shake things up with a new style or bring a new pace to the match – maybe earn yourself a Lootball – this is the time to play!

Here we’ll cover everything you need to know about the different minigames and modes that can come to the Roller Champions rotation!


Lootball Madness

Lootball Madness takes place in the Skatepark social hub and lasts for one minute after the event begins, with multiple occurrences possible at different time intervals. Once the countdown ends, a Lootball is dropped into the park.

How Do You Play?

Jump into your Skatepark within the specified timeframe of the event, get yourself warmed up, and get ready for the madness.

How Do You Win?

Simply be the player holding onto the Lootball when the timer expires, and you’ll earn yourself a Lootball.

Star Dash

Star Dash brings Disco to the skate park, complete with a spinning disco ball. When the event begins, the disco ball will begin to spin and shoot stars into one section of the park. This happens a total of three times.

How Do You Play?

Pick up as many of the stars that are shot out of the disco ball as you can, try to tackle your opponents to keep them from picking up stars. Watch out yourself, because if you get tackled after you’ve picked up any stars, you will lose one each time you are tackled!

How Do You Win?

When the time runs out, make sure you’re the skater with the highest number of total accumulated stars and you’ll win the minigame and a prize as well!

Star Dash Supernova

Star Dash Supernova is just like the classic Star Dash minigame, except the disco ball will also toss explosive stars into the mix. Avoid picking these up as they’ll make you drop any stars you’ve collected, just like being tackled!

[Coming Soon] – More events are coming soon!



Just like it says on the tin, 2v2 changes up the 3v3 Quickplay formula by reducing each team to only 2 Champions. The arena is also smaller to accommodate the faster, more hectic pace of two duos.

How Do You Play?

When selecting the mode you want to play, you’ll find 2v2 as an available option in addition to the standard Quickplay, Ranked, Custom Match, or Skatepark.

How Do You Win?

You know the drill, first to 5 or highest score at the end of the match timer. 1 Lap for 1 point, 2 Laps for 3, 3 for 5. Winning nets you similar rewards for winning a match of Quickplay, keep in mind there is no Ranking system for 2v2, so bragging rights are the real prize.

2v2 also brings you to a familiar place with a new face – ditch the sunglasses because you and your partner will be tag-teaming it in the iconic Acapulco arena – at night.


Ball hogs beware, Hot Potato puts a new emphasis on the importance of passing and teamwork. From the moment you pick up the ball, the fuse begins to sizzle. If you’re still holding the ball when it goes off – BOOM! The ball explodes and knocks you to the ground, leaving the ball free for someone else to grab.

How Do You Play?

When selecting the mode you want to play, you’ll find Hot Potato as an available option in addition to the usual fare. When in-game, be sure to pass the ball often to keep the explosion timer safe. The fuse resets when anyone new touches the ball, so quick passes back and forth are a good way to keep it cool.

How Do You Win?

Hot Potato uses standard Quickplay rules – 3v3, first to 5 or highest score after the match timer expires. But you can win the mental game by never having the ball ‘explode’ in your possession – that's a true victory.

Arena 8

Around and around and around, Arena 8 takes the standard quickplay rules and gives the arena you’re used to a little twist. Now instead of a looping oval, the rink will look more like an infinity loop or and “8,” hence the name!

How Do You Play?

When active, you’ll find Arena 8 as an alternative game mode to Quickplay and Ranked. With a new arena shape comes even greater need for teamwork and cooperation, so be sure to work together with your team to pull off infinitely more highlight-worthy plays!

How Do You Win?

The same Quickplay and Ranked rules apply, get the ball through enough gates to open the goal, shoot, and score. First to five points or highest score at the end of the match timer wins.

Clone Clash

How Do You Play?

In Clone Clash, you as a solo player control a team of 3 ‘clones.’ 2 of these teammates will be controlled by AI, working with you to tackle enemies and regain the ball. If one of them picks up or catches the ball, your perspective will shift to that player and you’ll control them, while the AI takes the player you just were.

You can also manually shift which player you control during regular play, no need to wait for them to get possession of the ball. Work with your clones to get the ball and score!

How Do You Win?

Clone Clash uses standard Quickplay rules – pass through gates, open the goal, first to 5 points or highest when the timer runs out wins the game.

[Coming Soon] – More events are coming soon!

Check back later for more information on upcoming events!

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- The Roller Champions Dev Team

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