June 19 2022

Roller Champions – Disco Fever!

Haven’t you heard, Champions? Disco isn’t dead! Disco is life!

Disco Fever is here, and Roller Champions has the moves to give some grooves and lay down the funk. A new season means it’s time to electric slide into new content. That means new maps, new music, new outfits, new modes, and new friends as we welcome the Nintendo Switch and Epic Games Store into the Roller Champions community.

We don’t want to give away too much and spoil the fun, but here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect starting on June 21!"


Funk is all about rhythm, and so is Roller Champions. With Disco Fever you’ll make your way from Brooklyn to Venice Beach, then circle back to Staten Island in three new incredible maps, each with their own flavor and feel.


Disco Fever brings a new Roller Pass with 60 levels full of cosmetics, customizations, and a full collection of exclusive, groovy goodness. As with Kickoff Season, finishing the pass will recoup its cost in Wheels for those who are determined to disco forever.


Every weekend of Disco Fever brings a time limited special event. We'll share the details each week in our Weekend Event Guide, so keep an eye out. But without spoiling too much of the surprise... get ready for:

Arena 8 (Game Mode)

Star Dash (Minigame)

Star Dash Supernova (Minigame)

As well as a return of some fan-favorite modes from the Kickoff Season, including Lootball Madness (Minigame)!

Join the disco fun on TikTok or through our official Discord, where we also share updates, run contests, and talk shop with you - the community!

You can also follow us on Twitter to keep an eye out for updates on the game!

Disco Fever begins tomorrow, June 21, 2022. So, strap on your platform skates and grab the nearest disco ball...

It's time to groove up to glory!



Magnetic Pass

  • The Magnetic Pass can no longer be used on teammates outside of your field of view.


  • The Air Pose and Air Tackle upward impulses will no longer combine with the Uppercut when used simultaneously.



  • The player can now use their camera while using the Ball Focus.
  • The Magnetic Pass target selection will now correctly combine with the Look Back action when used.
  • Team Move: Speed Boost will now correctly give the impulse to a player when used in any directions.
  • Emotes will now be blocked when a player is using a Team Move on a teammate.
  • Look sensitivities settings can no longer be set to 0 (now starts at 5).
  • Keyboard arrow keys can now be used to control the player camera.
  • The feedback of two player tackling each other at the same time will now properly be triggered (e.g., camera shake, controller vibration, tackle VFX).
  • Several QoL improvements to the Follow Camera settings.
  • Various improvements to AI behavior.

Spectator Mode

  • The Sprint action has been added.
    • The Sprint action can be used while a Spectator is in Free Camera or Ball Focus to increase their movement speed.
    • The default keybind is L3 on gamepads, and L-Shift on PC.
  • The Action Camera action has been added.
    • The Action Camera is a new type of camera that will lock the camera position on the ball and follow it to track the action more easily in the Rink.
    • The player can increase or decrease at all time the camera distance from the ball with the movement input during this action.
    • The new action replaced the 'Ball Carrier' camera from the previous Season.
  • Transitions between cameras have been improved with new ease-in and ease-out transitions.
  • The horizontal and vertical look sensitivities of the Spectator can now be changed and inverted in the Gameplay Options.
  • The camera currently used by the Spectator will now be highlighted in the Control Helper on the HUD.
  • The Zoom in and Zoom out actions on gamepads changed keybind.
    • D-Pad Up will now Zoom In.
    • D-Pad Down will now Zoom Out.
  • The maximum ranges the Spectators can move in the Custom Match arenas have been slightly reduced.

Custom Match

  • Custom Match now supports 2 Spectators during a match (from 1 to 2).
  • “Regulation Time Duration” setting has been added.
  • “Overtime Duration” setting has been added.
  • Players will now correctly be placed in the Custom Match entry there were invited from.


  • The Skatepark Activity timer on the HUD will now give a bigger heads up for the next activity (countdown will be more than 3 minutes ahead).
  • A new overlay will appear at the start of the Skatepark Activity, and at the end of the Activity, to display the player's placement and rewards earned.

Goal Replay

  • The camera on the player is now closer during the replay.
  • Camera movement during rapid verticality changes and player scoring is now smoother.
  • The slow-motion triggered by player actions during the replay are now capped at 1 per action-type.
  • Air Pose and Team Move: Super Jump will now trigger slow-motion during the replays.


  • The highlighted text in the [Moves & Rules Menu] and [Play Menu] has been changed to a bold gold color, instead of red, for better readability.
  • The new Mailbox feature is accessible from the Main Menu, replacing the previous notifications.
  • The Options Menu (top right corner in the Home Page) now has a new feature called 'Feedback'. Take a look and leave us your feedback through this new tool!
  • Loading screen tips now include input buttons embedded in the text, where it is relevant.
  • The Skatepark Tile in the Play Menu now displays the Skatepark Activity state and timer when an Activity is active.
  • The Daily Bonus section has been removed from the Sponsor menu (moved to the Home Page) as well as special contracts have been visually revamped.
  • The End of Match flow now includes an improved celebration of the total number of Lifetime Fans that the player has earned so far.

- The Roller Champions Dev Team

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