August 15 2022

Disco Fever Mid-Season Title Update Patch Notes



  • Players can now invite Ubisoft Connect friends who are playing on other platforms, in addition to their current platform, through the Invite Friend menu.

  • Form a cross-platform group to play any game mode together, including custom match!

  • Make sure that you and your friends have the Crossplay setting enabled, in order to see each other in the menu.



  • Fixed an issue where controls could become unresponsive upon rejoining a match.

  • Players can no longer get stuck in a closed goal after denying a score.

  • AI Players will now pass the ball to teammates not directly in front of them.

  • Custom Match AI Players will no longer get stuck under the goal.


  • Adjusted several cases of too-dark shadows and too-bright highlights in the customizations menu.

  • Fixed an issue where some customization items did not match their previews when in match.


  • Fixed an issue causing an extended loading screen after spectating a match.
  • Changing to the 'Skater Camera' while using the 'Action Camera' now properly swaps the camera.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spectator Action Camera distance would reset whenever a player grabbed the ball.


  • Players will no longer see the number of fans each player has during the match intro.
  • AI Players can now be removed from custom match lobbies.
  • Fans and Roller Pass progress now properly update following a match.
  • Switch players will now receive a message if an incorrect date and time setting prevents them from accessing the game.
  • Improved reliability of accepting invites to in-progress matches.
  • AI Players can now be removed from custom match lobbies.
  • The scoreboard in the Skatepark is now sorted from highest to lowest score.
  • Multiple causes of crashes or disconnections.
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