October 3 2022

Roller Champions – DRAGON’S WAY!

The dragons stir and the crowd goes wild!

Dragon's Way has arrived and comes with all the action and excitement you've come to love and crave from Roller Champions! The new season brings new content: music, locations, outfits, ambitions, and more! We're also rolling out some changes to different systems around fans and leaderboards, to help you show off your skill and prowess on and off the arena.


Score a buzzer-beater in Bangkok, then head to the Zen temple to find your inner peace. And when you're ready to aim for the big leagues, Dragon's Temple awaits as the new pinnacle of Roller Champions destinations!


Dragon's Way introduces a new Roller Pass, filled to the brim with 60 tiers of effects, cosmetics, emotes, gear, and other seasonal goodies to bring out your inner beast! As with previous seasons, finishing the pass will recoup its cost in Wheels for those who are determined to embrace the way of the Dragon.


With the launch of Dragon's Way comes new rewards: here's 3 things you should know about your journey in this new Roller Champions season.


The Daily Bonus, those three first matches every day that reward you with an extra number of fans have brought more folks to the bleachers! Indeed, the third daily bonus now rewards you with 300 extra fans instead of 125 (+ 240%!).


Every outcome of quick, event mode, and ranked matches now rewards players with more fans! Here's the breakdown:

Win: Now Gives 170 Fans (from 150)

Draw: Now Gives 160 Fans (from 135)

Lose: Now Gives 150 Fans (from 125)


We've awarded banners for our top 100 players before, but now, there's a twist to them. Every month will have its thematic banner. You want in on those? It won't be easy, because as the title suggests, you'll need to climb the leaderboard to be in the top 100 players by the last day of the month to get your hands on them!  See below for a peek at the upcoming rewards!

[RC] Season 2 - Dragon's Way - Dragons Way Top 100

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Dragon's Way begins tomorrow, October 4, 2022. Time to tighten your skates, gloves, and headband...

Let's Roll up to Glory!


  • The Uppercut diminishing return window has been slightly increased (from 2.25 sec to 3 sec).
  • The ball speed/direction after a tackle will follow more appropriately the velocity of the tackler.
  • The collision pushback when two players tackle each other has been improved.

  • Skaters have randomized warm up animations in the Intro Cinematic before the match starts.
  • Added an overhead collision to prevent clipping against elements of the game world.
  • The Goal Replay lasts one more second to let players showcase emotes more easily.
  • Minor improvements to interactions between Tip Toe and harsh slopes.
  • Various animation updates and improvements (Throw, Ball Catch, Uppercut, Get Up, Idle).
  • Creative AI has been added to Custom Match.
    • Creative AI has more flexibility and variation than typical AI players and are currently in Beta.
    • Creative AI has 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard.
    • Creative AI is exclusively available in Custom Match and is not in other Game Modes.
  • 'AI Type' setting has been added to choose between Standard and Creative AI.
  • Minor adjustments to the Art of the Custom Match menu.
  • A timer is now properly displayed on the Skatepark tile when an activity is about to start.
  • A new themed title screen has been added.
  • "Quick Buy" has been added to the Shop and Skater menus for items on display.
  • Several new songs are now available in the Home Page.
  • New themed Home Page backgrounds are used when a Superstar is equipped.
  • The matchmaking ETA has been removed.
    • Several improvements made to matchmaking have caused the timer to often be inaccurate, we're removing it in the interim to make improvements without it being a misleading holdover.
  • Adjustments to the animations of the skaters during the End of Match.
  • Rarity increased for several customization items.


We deployed an update on October 6 implementing several fixes that didn’t make it into the season patch, including:

  • Significantly improved game load times.

  • Sponsor contracts no longer reset to 0 before the timer ends.

  • Item thumbnails no longer go missing after coming out of Free Look mode.

  • AI Bots no longer try to climb walls after scoring a goal.

  • Hitting a wall while using an air pose no longer grants a burst of speed.

  • Owned items are no longer purchasable through the Quick Buy prompt.

  • Fans are now rewarded properly on a Match Loss.

  • The game’s background image has been corrected (PS4 only).

  • Multiple fixes to UI and display elements.

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- The Roller Champions Dev Team

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