October 24, 2022

Palette Prime Tutorial (Spoilers ahead!)

Welcome to the tutorials for Palette Prime. These instructions will give you advice on how to win the main battles and solve the puzzle, allowing you to progress in the game. If you have already figured things out, these tutorials might help you find new ways to use your heroes and Sparks!

Of course, with the right strategy, any team would be able to complete battles, but certain combinations could give you an upper hand over enemies.

Please avoid reading any further if you would prefer to figure things out on your own.

As you land on Palette Prime, you have a choice. You can either move toward Woodrow's House, or you can go directly toward the Spellbound Woods. This tutorial is chronologically arranged as if you went to Woodrow's House, but you're free to skip around in the text if you choose otherwise.


[MRSH] Palette Prime Tutorial - A Bridge Too Fear

The Medicians on this map will heal and shield their allies and use attacks that shock your heroes. It is advisable to make sure they are isolated before they can assist their allies.

Recommended team setup: Rabbid Mario (Starburst + Optional) Edge (Aquadash + Toxiquake) Rabbid Luigi (Aquanox + Optional)

  • Rabbid Mario has movement range increase, increased critical hit chance, increased weapon damage, and No Limits
  • Edge has increased glide range, two extra dashes, Critical Dash and dash movement increase
  • Rabbid Luigi has increased movement range, extra glide range, and all of the other skill points in his weapon tree

Tactical advice: If Rabbid Mario activates Starburst, and jumps to the platform on the right, he can destroy the first row of Goombas and the Medician on that side. Meanwhile, Rabbid Luigi can jump to the far-left platform, defeat the Goombas, and damage the Medician with his Discruptor.

Edge can jump to the middle of the battlefield and activate Aquadash to severely damage the Medician. She can also use Toxiquake and the increased movement range from all those dashes to defeat all the Goombas in the area.

After winning the battle and as you enter Woodrow's House and find the secret passage, Beep-0 will obtain yet another power: Scan. Press ZL to Scan nearby areas and discover secrets that will help you advance.


[MRSH] Palette Prime Tutorial - A Blight at the End of the Tunnel

This battle introduces enemies called Depleters. They will convert the damage they do into healing for themselves, and they also have a powerful counterattack to be aware of.

Recommended team setup: Rabbid Peach (Aquanox + Starburst), Luigi (Electroid + Ethering), Peach (Aquadash + Optional)

  • Rabbid Peach has Mega Heal, Heal cooldown reduction, and Healing jump with a glide boost.
  • Luigi has Ghost Bullet, Steely Stare cooldown reduction, Extra Team Jump, increased movement range, and landing range.
  • Peach has increased glide and movement range, Barrier Jump Assist, Team Barrier cooldown reduction, and increased Team Barrier range

Tactical advice: Peach can use Barrier Jump Assist on Rabbid Peach to get behind cover, while letting her stay out of it to draw fire and shoot down the enemy. Rabbid Peach can boost the team with Starburst and defeat Flamin' Stooges with Aquanox. Peach in her turn, can use Aquadash to defeat Flamin' Stooges.

Luigi can use Ethering or Peach's barriers to stay at max range while taking out the Depleters. He can also use Electroid to do a lot of damage to them, as they are weak to electricity.


[MRSH] Palette Prime Tutorial - Blast Through the Bedrock

Another Spark Hunter blocks your path: the incredibly strong Bedrock! But you also have Bowser joining your team to help you with the battle.  Bedrock will jump at your heroes and will pursue anyone who dares to attack her, destroying any objects in her path. The key to winning this battle is to lure her into explosive traps, as traditional attacks do very little damage to her.

The first thing you need to do is assign Bowser's skills.

Recommended team setup: Rabbid Peach (Toxiquake + Starburst), Luigi (Electroid + Ethering), Mario (Pyrogeddon + Optional) Bowser (Exosphere + Optional)

  • Rabbid Peach has Healing Jump and most of her skills into movement or her technique skill tree
  • Luigi has Ghost Bullet, Steely Stare cooldown reduction, an Extra team jump, and increased movement range
  • Mario has Hero Sight cooldown reduction, weapon range increase, Jump Shot, Stomp and glide boost
  • Bowser has all points in his Movement Skill Tree

Tactical advice: Luigi can one-shot a Depleter with help from Electroid. Bowser can Team Jump, use a trampoline or use his Bowzooka to clear out impressive amounts of Goombas in one go. He can also jump almost anywhere on the battlefield during his turn by using trampolines. Mario and Luigi are great for luring Bedrock into the explosive traps. Keep in mind that you need to shoot her while she is standing on top of the trap for it to trigger. Rabbid Peach excels at healing the team and either of our heroes can use Toxiquake or Pyrogeddon to get rid of Goombas

Once Bedrock is defeated, you need to head back toward the Spellbound Woods. If you open the map, you will see in which direction to go.


[MRSH] Palette Prime Tutorial - A Ghostly Sunset

This battle introduces Ghostly Walkers. Their Gust Wave will push your heroes away and even off the map if you're not careful! React abilities like Luigi's Steely Stare or Mario's Hero Sight also won't work on them as they are invisible when they move. They are weak to frostbite.

Recommended team setup: Rabbid Peach (Aquanox + Starburst), Bowser (Cryobolide + Optional), Rabbid Mario (Glitter + Ethering)

  • Rabbid Peach has increased weapon range, Mega Heal, heal cooldown reduction, and increased healing range. Healing Jump and glide boost as well.
  • Bowser has all full points in his weapon tree
  • Rabbid Mario has full points in his weapon tree and increased movement range

Tactical advice: Rabbid Mario can use the trampolines to get to the center of the first battle scene, then use Glitter to gather all the enemies in range and greatly damage or defeat them with his dashes and weapon attacks.

Rabbid Mario can use Ethering to get to run around unseen, dashing and meleeing Ghost Walkers into defeat. Bowser can activate Cryobolide to destroy Ghostly Walkers. Rabbid Peach can activate Aquanox to destroy Flamin' Stooges.

After the battle, you will need to navigate the Spellbound woods. Don't forget to use Beep-0's Scan power to find your way.


[MRSH] Palette Prime Tutorial - Forest Rush

The new enemy introduced through this battle is the fearsome Squashette. Weak to Frostbite, these enemies will jump at your heroes with a powerful Gust attack that sends them backwards. The trick is to be quicker than them!

Recommended team setup: Rabbid Luigi (Regenesis + Starburst), Luigi (Ethering + Pyrostar), Mario (Exosphere + Cryobolide)

  • Rabbid Luigi additional glide range and increased movement range
  • Luigi has an Extra Team Jump, increased glide range, increased landing range
  • Mario has full points in his movement tree

Tactical advice: The Move Boost item can be very useful on this map. Mario and Luigi can perform Team Jumps to reach the islet to the right with the Squashette and Trampoline on it. From there they can jump even further!

If Mario activates Cryobolide while also boosted by Starburst, he can defeat two Squashettes in one go.

After this fight, you're almost done on Palette Prime. The tentacle that's draining the colour from the trees is in a pit in the center of the Spellbound Woods. Leap into the abandoned well to find the next fight. Frequent use of Beep-0's Scan power will help you find the objects and paths you need to proceed.


[MRSH] Palette Prime Tutorial - Roots of Corruption

In this battle, you need to destroy Darkmess Taproots. They can only be destroyed by targeting all three of their weak points in the same turn, so using heroes with an area of effect attack is advisable.

Recommended team setup: Rabbid Peach (Starburst + Aquanox), Rabbid Mario (Glitter + Cryobolide), Peach (Aquadash + Optional)

  • Peach has her full Movement Skill Tree and Team Barrier cooldown reduction
  • Rabbid Peach has an extra dash, Healing Jump and the rest in her Technique Skill Tree
  • Rabbid Mario has his full Weapon Skill Tree, the rest in Movement Range in his Movement Skill Tree

Tactial advice:  Peach can use her Boom-brella to clear all the weak points on a Darkmess Taproot. Rabbid Peach can activate Aquanox and bounce Wildclaws out of the map.

Rabbid Mario can activate Cryobolide, freezing Wildclaws in place so that Peach and Rabbid Peach can finish them.

Peach can activate her Team Barrier to protect the team before Wildclaws spawn and attack.

Rabbid Mario can use Glitter to attract Ghostly Walkers and Flamin' Stooges and one-shot them while also clearing a Darkmess Taproot.


We hope this advice has served you well! Use what you learned from these battles for any other challenges coming your way. Don’t forget to do the Spark quests on Palette Prime before advancing to Terra Flora, the rescued Sparks will prove useful in future battles!

Stay in touch and if you get stuck again you can find help here. You can also find us on @mariorabbids.

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