October 24, 2022

Pristine Peaks Tutorial (Spoilers ahead!)

Welcome to the tutorials for Pristine Peaks. These instructions will give you advice on how to win the main battles and find your way, allowing you to progress in the game. If you have already figured things out, these tutorials might help you find new ways to use your heroes and Sparks!

Of course, with the right strategy, any team would be able to complete battles, but certain combinations could give you an upper hand over enemies.

Please avoid reading any further if you would prefer to figure things out on your own.

The first thing you need to do on Pristine Peaks is to approach the tree where the Spark called Decibel is hiding. Shake it loose, and Decibel will grant Beep-0 the power to break certain objects and move other objects standing in your way. After this, you can start making your way up the mountain.


[MRSH] Pristine Peaks Tutorial - Freeze in Your Tracks

The Deep Freezes on this map are weak to burn and resistant to ice and they unleash a blizzard burst on death, dealing ice damage and freezing the heroes. Keeping your distance and moving fast is key to win. There are also a lot of Bob-ombs to throw around for fun. Remember that you can take Bob-ombs with you through the rabbid pipes!

The recommended team setup: Luigi (Pyrostar), Rabbid Peach (Starburst), Mario (Any Spark)

Recommended skills are:

  • An extra dash for Rabbid Peach, Heal cooldown reduction
  • An extra team jump for Luigi + landing range increase + Steely Stare cooldown reduction
  • Stomp and Glide + Jump Shot for Mario

Tactical advice: Rabbid Peach can use Starburst to boost the team and Luigi can activate Pyrostar to defeat Deep Freezes from far away. By using his Extra Team Jump ability, Luigi can get very far very fast!


[MRSH] Pristine Peaks Tutorial - Wolf at the Door

This battle introduces a new enemy, the Lone Wolf. They can activate a technique that will let them shoot at you if you move in their line of sight, so you need to be careful when you see red dots on the ground. There are also a lot of Flamin' Stooges, who are weak to water-based attacks. If you did the DJ Cheep Tuna side quest "Cheep Beats and Bleepstreets" on Beacon Beach you should have access to the Spark "Aquadash", which will prove very useful.

The recommended team setup: Mario (Pyrostar), Rabbid Luigi (Aquanox), Peach (Aquadash)

  • Peach has Barrier Jump Assist, Team Barrier cooldown reduction, and an additional dash
  • Rabbid Luigi has additional Discruptor charges, additional movement range
  • Mario has Stomp and Glide, Jump Shot, and additional weapon range

Tactical advice: Rabbid Luigi can defeat a lot of Flamin' Stooges by activating Aquanox. Peach can activate her Team Barrier to allow you to move safely in the line of sight of Lone Wolves. Mario can activate Pyrostar and do a Jump Shot to defeat Lone Wolves easily.


[MRSH] Pristine Peaks Tutorial - Icy Breath of Winter

The battle on top of the mountain brings a new mechanic to the table: the Stone Masks that blow cold air in regular intervals, pushing heroes and enemies alike away. Keep the timing of the Stone Mask winds in mind when you move your heroes.

The hero’s affinity with the Sparks has increased and from now on they will be able to use two Sparks each per battle. Don’t forget to level up your Sparks! If you want more Star Bits you can always defeat roaming enemies or do side quests.

The recommended team setup: Rabbid Luigi (Ethering, any) Rabbid Peach (Pyrostar, Aquanox), Luigi (Starburst, any)

Tactical advice: Luigi can use Starburst to destroy a stone mask from far away. Rabbid Peach can use Pyrostar to get rid of elevated Lone Wolves and Aquanox to get rid of elevated Flamin’ Stooges. Rabbid Luigi can use Ethering to avoid Lone Wolf snipes and get behind to disrupt enemy lines.


[MRSH] Pristine Peaks Tutorial - A Cold Greeting

This battle introduces the Sea Stooges. They have water-based attacks that will bounce your heroes out of bounds if you're not careful. If you keep a water Spark like Aquanox or Aquadash as your Spark, you can avoid being bounced around and will also take less damage from them.

The Sea Stooges are weak to electrical attacks. On Beacon Beach there is a side quest in the temple that lets you rescue Electrodash, and paired up with Edge it will help you triumph over this map.

The map demands that you defeat enemies that use portals to spawn. If you perch on the elevated platforms surrounded by Darkmess half-covers, you will be somewhat protected as they arrive.

Recommended team setup: Edge with Starburst (+ Electrodash), Rabbid Peach with Pyrostar (and any other Spark and Rabbid Luigi with Electroid (and any other Spark)

  • Edge has 2 extra dashes, extra movement after dashing, and critical dash
  • Rabbid Luigi has all available skill points in his weapon tree
  • Rabbid Peach has extra dashes and Heal cooldown reduction

Tactial advice: Edge can activate Electrodash and dash multiple Sea Stooges into defeat. Rabbid Luigi can activate Electroid and defeat multiple Sea Stooges. Rabbid Peach can activate Pyrostar and make short work of the Scopers.


[MRSH] Pristine Peaks Tutorial - Mystery of the Constellation

As you enter the palace, you will find a puzzle waiting for you. First, you need to activate two statues. The buttons for each statue can be found through the doors on each side of the ballroom. Once the statues have been activated, you need to solve a constellation puzzle. Activate the console on top of the stairs and start with the outmost ring, matching the constellations as you move inwards.


[MRSH] Pristine Peaks Tutorial - Midnite Library

The battle with Midnite will have you face many enemies at the same time and a multi-level battlefield, but thankfully you now have a new hero to help you - Rabbid Rosalina! She is excellent at controlling many enemies at the same time to give you time to focus on Midnite herself.

The first thing you need to do is to assign Rabbid Rosalina's skill points. We would recommend a heavy focus on her technique, Ennui.

The recommended team setup: Mario (Pyrogeddon + Electroid), Rabbid Rosalina (Ethering + optional), Rabbid Peach (Toxiquake + Starburst), Luigi (Pyrostar + Aquanox)

  • Rabbid Rosalina has Ennui Dash, increased movement range, Ennui cooldown reduction, increased Ennui range, and Ennui duration increase.
  • Mario has increased weapon range, Jump Shot, Stomp, and Stomp and Glide
  • Rabbid Peach glide boost, Healing Jump, Mega Heal, Heal cooldown reduction, and healing range increase.
  • Luigi has an extra Team Jump, increased landing range, Ghost Bullet, Steely Stare cooldown reduction and increased weapon range

Tactical advice: Rabbid Peach can activate Starburst to boost the team, while Luigi activates Pyrostar and shoots at Midnite from afar or Mario activates Electroid to also do extra damage to Midnite. Rabbid Rosalina can do a Team Jump onto the middle platform in the first turn to lock all the enemies in Ennui. Rabbid Peach can take out any Squashers nearby with Toxiquake.

If Midnite is threatening to attack your heroes, Rabbid Rosalina can control her with Ennui Dash.


We hope this advice has served you well! Use what you learned from these battles for any other challenges coming your way. Don’t forget to do the Spark quests on Pristine Peaks before advancing to Palette Prime, the rescued Sparks will prove useful in future battles!

Stay in touch and if you get stuck again you can find help here. You can also find us on @mariorabbids.

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