October 24, 2022

Beacon Beach Tutorial (Spoilers ahead!)

Welcome to the tutorials for Beacon Beach. These videos and texts will give you advice on how to win the main battles, allowing you to progress in the game. If you have already figured things out, these tutorials might help you find new ways to use your heroes and Sparks!

Of course, with the right strategy, any team would be able to complete battles, but certain combinations could give you an upper hand over enemies.

Please avoid reading any further if you would prefer to figure things out on your own.

The first thing you need to do on Beacon Beach is to run toward the village up on the hill.

Explosive Situation

[MRSH] Beacon Beach Tutorial - Explosive Situation

This battle can be done in one turn with any combination of heroes! Can you figure out how?

Dash the Bob-ombs to flip them over. They can now be thrown at other Bob-ombs to create glorious explosions.

Crossing The Battleground

[MRSH] Beacon Beach Tutorial - Crossing the Battleground

Crossing The Battleground is the name of the battle in the Darkmess puddle blocking the entrance to the Sunrise Temple.

You’ll meet a new enemy on this map: the Scoper. Scopers are long-range enemies that will try to keep their distance while hiding behind cover. They are weak to burn and resistant to frostbite damage.

This battle has a new type of objective: Reach Area. You need to get to the green area with any of your heroes to instantly win.

Tactical advice: The neatly lined up Goombas can be dashed into Star Bits in one single action. You don’t actually need to defeat the Scopers, you can jump right past them!

By using team jumps to find cover and advance toward the objective, you can win easily and quickly.

Temple Rescue + Driven to the Edge

[MRSH] Beacon Beach Tutorial - Temple Rescue

To advance on this battle map, you need to activate the buttons to raise new parts of the battlefield and create new passages. This is a battle with two phases, so if your heroes are low on health when the first phase is over we recommend healing up a bit by using Super Mushrooms or Rabbid Peach’s technique before moving on.

The second phase of the battle requires you to defeat a new enemy, a Giant Wildclaw. This enemy will chase after your heroes once you shoot at it, and its attacks really pack a punch. Keeping distance is highly advised.

Recommended hero setup: Luigi with Starburst and Rabbid Peach with Pyrostar. The heroes’ skill points should be boosting weapon reach.

Tactical advice: If Luigi activates Starburst, Rabbid Peach will be able to dash and shoot a Stooge, defeating it in one turn. Luigi can out-range Scopers even from another platform.

Remember to put a skill point into the weapon range for Edge before you start the second phase of the battle. Boost the team with Starburst and let Rabbid Peach deal with stooges on the second phase.

Luigi and Edge can collaborate to keep the giant Wildclaw in the middle and use their techniques to keep it running between them. If it gets too close, Edge can protect herself with Exosphere.

Light Your Fire

[MRSH] Beacon Beach Tutorial - Light Your Fire

The first battle in the Lighthouse will introduce you to a new enemy, the Flamin’ Stooge. If it gets a clean shot at your hero, they will be set on fire and run around, potentially exposing the hero for other enemies to shoot at them as well.

Recommended hero setup: Rabbid Luigi (unlock more ricochets for his Discruptor), Rabbid Peach (unlock Healing Jump), and Mario (unlock Jump Shot)

Tactical advice: If you give Pyrostar to Rabbid Luigi, he can truly cause chaos behind enemy lines. Mario’s Jump Shot can make short work of the Flamin’ Stooges trying to hide behind cover.

A Light In The Darkmess

[MRSH] Beacon Beach Tutorial - A Light in the Darkmess

The final battle in the Lighthouse requires you to destroy all Darkmess eyes on the central pillar. This requires you to move around the battlefield, where enemies are waiting for you.

Recommended hero setup: Rabbid Luigi with skill points in additional Discruptor hits, and Mario with both Stomp and Jump Shot unlocked. The third hero can be Rabbid Peach with Healing Jump, Mega Heal, and Heal Cooldown, but that is optional.

We also recommend Aquanox on Mario, Pyrostar on Rabbid Luigi, and Starburst for Rabbid Peach.

Tactical advice: Rabbid Luigi can use his Discruptor to destroy many Darkmess Eyes in one turn. By using Aquanox and Jump Shot, Mario can defeat Flamin’ Stooges easily.

Summary and Closing

We hope this advice has served you well! Use what you learned from these battles for any other challenges coming your way. Don’t forget to do the Spark quests on Beacon Beach before advancing to Pristine Peaks, the rescued Sparks will prove useful in future battles!  

Stay in touch and if you get stuck again you can find help here. You can also find us on @mariorabbids.

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