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Season Pass Expansions and More

Uncover the secrets of an ancient cult in Ireland, lay siege to the future City of Light in Francia, and discover the true story behind an epic legend. New adventures await you with the Gold or Ultimate Editions of Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Wrath Of The Druids

Expansion 1

Explore the haunted wilds and beautiful landscapes of Ireland as you battle a druidic cult known as the Children of Danu. Conquer ring forts, master the art of smuggling, and gain the favor of Gaelic kings in a new open-world adventure.

The Siege Of Paris

Expansion 2

Sail to the kingdom of Francia and engage the forces of Charles the Fat as you participate in the Vikings' most daring conquest. Infiltrate the city of Paris, forge new alliances within its walls, and strike a blow that will shatter an empire.

The Legend Of Beowulf

Bonus Mission

A mysterious beast is ravaging the English countryside, leaving telltale streaks of mold on its victims. Track the creature and discover the hidden story behind England's first great epic. Available at launch.

Get New Events, Modes, and More


Free Seasonal Content will also be available for all players, including events like the Yule Festival, new game modes such as River Raids, Jomsviking updates, and much more!

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