April 21, 2021

Turbulence In The Ming Dynasty Podcast

Developed and broadcasted by China leading podcast platform Ximalaya, this audio adaptation of The Ming Storm novel is voiced by a top-ranking cast from the Chinese cinematographic industry, including Liu Yan as Shao Jun. Enriched with audio FX and a moving score, this podcast is the perfect format to get fully immersed into China during 16th century Ming Dynasty.

Voice Talent: Liu YaN
Liu Yan, also known as Ada Liu, is a Chinese actress, hostess and singer. She won the "Best New Artist" and the "Best Promising Host" at the 3rd Zongyi Award

FORMAT : 73 episodes

Original Publisher: Ximalaya
Ximalaya, with the mission of "sharing human wisdom with sound", pioneered the PUGC content ecology, which not only leads the innovation of the audio industry, but also attracts attention from the culture and self-media people who devote themselves to audio content entrepreneurship, including Ma Dong, Wu Xiaobo, Gao Xiaosong , Cai Kangyong, Li Kaifu, Chen Zhiwu, Guo Degang, Feng Lun, Gong Linna, Hua Shao, Huang Jianxiang and other self-media giants and 7 million voice anchors. They jointly created 328 categories of voices covering finance, music, news, business, novels, automobiles, etc. content. So, CCTV News, People's Daily Review, Sina, Forbes, 36Kr, Sanlian Life Weekly and other 5000 media and Alibaba, Baidu, KFC, Durex, L'Oreal and more than 3000 brands have also entered Himalaya.