Rainbow Six Esports Replays

Since the release of the Match Replay feature our next goal has been to make replays of professional R6 matches available to everyone in the community. We are excited to now be able to do so. In this blogpost, we will centralize links where you can download the replays of R6 esports matches. We’ll start by making all Replays of the 2021 Six Invitational available, and you can expect replays of matches from Regional Leagues and Majors to be added in the future.

For any competition, all the replays of 1 day or playday will be bundled together. With the replay of a match currently weighing between 300 and 750 MB (depending on the match’s length), a bundle of Six Invitational replays could weigh up to 8 GB for the intense Group Stage days. Throughout Regional League’s regular season, you can expect smaller bundles weighing up to 3 GB. We are actively working on reducing the size of our replay files to make them easier to access and transfer.

Once you’ve downloaded a bundle of replays, unzip it and copy the folder with the .rec files in it directly in your MatchReplay folder on windows. By default, the path to this folder should look like this: D:\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege\MatchReplay

You should not edit the name of the replay files, nor the name of the folder they are in, for the game to read them. The name of a replay folder should look like this: Match-2021-05-11_17-30-30-10 and the name of replay files like this: Match-2021-05-11_17-30-30-10-R01.rec.

Only 12 replays can be displayed in the game’s Watch tab. If your MatchReplay folder contains more than 12 replays, the oldest replay(s) will automatically be erased once you start watching a replay, or if you play a game and trigger the recording of a new one (keep in mind that all playlists’ replays are recorded by default).

The game will be able to read all replays of matches played on the same patch. Links to replay bundles over 3 month old will be removed.

Keep in mind that the Match Replay feature is still in beta, you might experience some crashes when reading them. We will keep working on ways to make replays more stable and easier to access for everyone in the future.


BRAZIL - Day 1 : Download Now
BRAZIL - Day 2 : Download Now

LATAM SOUTH - Day 1: Download Now

MEXICO - Day 1: Download Now


Day 1: Download Now
Day 2: Download Now


APAC NORTH - Day 1: Download Now
APAC SOUTH - Day 1: Download Now


Group Stage – Day 1 : Download Now

Group Stage – Day 2 : Download Now

Group Stage – Day 3 : Download Now

Group Stage – Day 4 : Download Now

Group Stage – Day 5 : Download Now

Group Stage – Day 6 : Download Now

Play-offs – Day 1 : Download Now

Play-offs – Day 2 : Download Now

Play-offs – Day 3 : Download Now

Play-offs – Day 4 : Download Now

Play-offs – Day 5 : Download Now


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