Ubisoft and GRID launch the Rainbow Six Esports Data Portal

March 18, 2024

GRID and Ubisoft have joined forces to introduce the Rainbow Six Esports Data Portal (R6DP) - the designated hub for all Rainbow Six Esports professional teams to access in-game statistics. This revolutionary platform will allow BLAST R6 professional teams to utilize official data for strategy analysis, talent scouting, coaching, and more. As Rainbow Six Esports continues to evolve and progress, safeguarding our ecosystem's integrity stands as a paramount objective. The partnership with GRID aims to furnish our pro community with an authoritative source of Rainbow Six Esports data.

Granting access to official data serves as a cornerstone in fostering the sustainability and expansion of the Rainbow Six Esports ecosystem. The collaboration with GRID marks the inaugural step towards further evolving R6 Esports, and we can't wait to see our pro teams elevate their play!

For more information about R6 Esports, please visit http://www.rainbow6.com/esports and follow us at https://twitter.com/R6esports and https://instagram.com/R6esports.