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With Stage 3 in the books, we now know the 16 teams that will compete at the Six Sweden Major! The top 4 teams from each of the 4 main regions will be competing in a LAN environment for the title and a final chance to earn points in the Global Standings to qualify for the Six Invitational 2022.

With the health and safety of our pro players, fans, staff, and partners being our first priority, the event will follow strict sanitary measures and will not be open to any on-site audience.

Check out all the details on the Six Sweden Major below.


The Six Sweden Major will be held at Gasklockorna in Gävle, Sweden.

  • Group Stage: November 8 to 10
  • Playoffs: November 12 to 13
  • Grand Final: November 14


Here are the 16 qualified teams from the 4 regional leagues that will compete at the Six Sweden Major.

Sweden Major Blogpost Qualified web

Asia-Pacific League: - SANDBOX GAMING - Invictus Gaming International - Chiefs Esports Club - DWG KIA

European League: - Team BDS - Team Empire - Team Vitality - Rogue

North American League: - Spacestation Gaming - Oxygen Esports - Susquehanna Soniqs - DarkZero Esports

Latin-American League: - FURIA Esports - Team oNe Esports - FaZe Clan - Ninjas in Pyjamas


Group Stage

Just as for the Six Mexico Major, all 16 teams will be divided into 4 groups of 4.

The 4 teams from each region were seeded based on their final rankings in their respective regional leagues and playoffs. Each group was then created to have one representative from each region with only one seed per group. Here is the breakdown of the groups for the Six Sweden Major:

Sweden Major Blogpost Groups web

During the Group Stage, teams will compete in a Best-of-1 double round robin format, where each team will play all the other teams in their group twice. The point attribution system is as follows:

  • A win is worth 3 points.
  • An overtime win is worth 2 points.
  • An overtime loss is worth 1 point.
  • A loss is worth 0 points.

At the end of the Group Stage, the 2 teams with the most points in each group will advance to the Playoffs.

Sweden Major Blogpost groupScheduleStreamA

Sweden Major Blogpost groupScheduleStreamB

Playoffs & Grand Final

The first round of the Playoffs and the Semifinals will be Best-of-3, single elimination, with the winner advancing and the loser eliminated from the competition.

The Grand Final will take place on November 14 and will be a Best-of-5 match to decide the winner of the Six Sweden Major!

Sweden Major Blogpost Bracket web


To celebrate the Six Major, an operator bundle is now available for purchase in the Esports page of the in-game store. 30% of the net revenue from these items will contribute to the prize pool of the competition, up to a cap of USD 500,000$, giving you the opportunity to support the teams taking part in the Six Sweden Major!

Y6S3 Lesion Major APAC 960x540


With each regional league and the Six Majors tying into a global race towards the Six Invitational, this will be the last opportunity for teams to earn points to qualify for the Six Invitational 2022. The 16 teams competing at the Six Sweden Major will be awarded the following points in the Global Standings, based on their final placement:

  • 1st place: 375
  • 2nd place: 300
  • 3rd – 4th place: 230
  • 5th – 8th place: 165
  • 9th – 12th place: 105
  • 13th – 16th place: 50


Tune in online on our channels and earn Twitch Drops for the Six Sweden Major! On top of the Blitz and Alibi sets, we are offering new items for Kaid and IQ in our esports pack. Please note that duplicate item drops are possible.

Sweden Major Blogpost Drops web

Here is the content for the Drops for this event:

Esports Kaid Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • One of a Kind uniform
  • One of a Kind headgear
  • Unmatched Aug A3 weapon skin
  • Kaid charm

Esports IQ Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Doyenne uniform
  • Doyenne headgear
  • Unsurpassed 552 Commando weapon skin
  • IQ charm

Esports Blitz Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Beyond Terrific uniform
  • Beyond Terrific headgear
  • High Ranker P12 weapon skin
  • Blitz charm

Esports Alibi Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Outstanding performance uniform
  • Outstanding performance headgear
  • Unbeatable MX4 Storm weapon skin
  • Alibi charm

Time watched:

During the Six Sweden Major, viewers will earn 1 pack every 4 hours watched with a max cap of 4 packs.

Here are the details on how to redeem them:

Register your account by heading over to and link your Twitch account to your Ubisoft account. You will then be prompted to opt into the drops feature. Please make sure that your account is linked before you tune in to the broadcast.

All drops will need to be claimed manually. You can track all the Drops progression on the Inventory page When the Drops condition is reached, you will need to click on the “Claim” button in the Inventory page to claim the reward and continue the progression towards the next reward. Please note that the “Claim” button will be available only 24 hours after the end of the campaign (the final playday of the Major). The delivery of claimed items will usually be done 48 hours after the end of the Major.

More information: Twitch Drops are activated for all five platforms the game is currently available on: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. You do not currently need to own Rainbow Six Siege to be able to earn drops. If you have your Twitch account linked to your Ubisoft account, and your Ubisoft account has been linked with your console accounts or PC, then you will receive the items when you login for the first time after installing.


For the Six Sweden Major, we’re offering you a free esports pack that you can directly redeem in-game!

From November 8 to 14, login to the Esports page of the shop directly in-game to collect your free gift via the gift button at the bottom of the Esports page. Only 1 gift will be made available for each player, for a limited amount of time, so don’t wait up.

Sweden Major Blogpost FreePack web


All Twitch channels featured below will have Twitch Drops enabled for the Six Sweden Major.

List of channels that will stream both Group Stage and Playoffs:

The following channels will only stream the Playoffs


More information coming soon.


With the health and well-being of our pro players, staff, partners, and fans as our top priority, the event will be held under strict sanitary measures for all participants. Additionally, we have taken the decision to hold the Six Sweden Major without any on-site audience. We have been working with our partner ESL and the safety and security agency Restrata to develop a controlled, safe, and competitive offline environment in line with health organizations and local authorities’ guidelines. Below are the different actions that will be taken to ensure everyone’s safety.

Please note health and safety measures may be updated up until the event, based on the evolution of the situation and local authorities' guidelines.

Before the event:

For all participants, regardless of vaccination status: a negative PCR test to provide in order to fly to Sweden – maximum 48 hours before departure.

During the event:
  • For unvaccinated or partially vaccinated players*

A 3-day quarantine period at the hotel will be observed by all unvaccinated or partially vaccinated players upon arrival.

*Only people having completed the full vaccination process with a vaccine listed on the World Health Organization’s website will be considered vaccinated.

  • For all participants

All participants have been asked to remain on the premises of their hotel and the venue for the entire duration of the event. They will transit between the venue and their hotel through dedicated shuttles. All necessary amenities will be at the disposal of the participants to ensure a positive experience at the hotel and venue.

Players Guidelines:
  • All players will have individual hotel rooms.
  • All teams will have their own practice room.
  • All teams are asked to avoid visiting other teams’ practice area or hotel rooms.
  • Mandatory regular PCR and antigenic testing for all players, upon arrival in Sweden and then every 3 days during the event.
  • PCR test before the departure flight.
  • Masks: players will wear masks at all times, except when playing on stage and during interviews.
Site Guidelines:
  • All equipment within the venue will be rigorously sanitized daily at the beginning and end of each day.
  • The competition areas will be sanitized before and after each match.
  • Sanitation of interview equipment and area before and after each interview session.
  • Frequent sanitation of all high-touch surfaces.

While we are taking all necessary steps to keep all attendees safe, we are still planning for unexpected circumstances.

  • If a player tests positive for COVID-19 before travelling to Sweden, the designated substitute present at the event can replace the player for the competition.
  • If 2 or more players test positive before travelling to Sweden, the full team will be removed from the competition.
  • If the coach tests positive before the event, they won’t be replaced during the event.

Participating teams will face competitive sanctions, up to dismissal from the site and disqualification entirely from the competition, should they fail to comply with the safety instructions at any moment during the event.

Once in Sweden, if a player tests positive after any of the required PCR tests:

  • The player will be placed in isolation and all necessary follow-up measures will be taken to ensure the safety of all participants and staff.
  • If the team and the impacted player desire to proceed with the competition, we will do our best to accommodate remote play, in isolation in the hotel rooms.
  • The team will be provided the necessary support to ensure they are repatriated in optimal safety conditions for them and the general public


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