Your Guide to the Six Invitational 2023

February 01, 2023 · 11 minutes read

With the Six Invitational 2023 around the corner, we're excited to welcome you back to the greater Montreal area, in Canada, from February 7 to 19, where we'll crown this season's World Champions and reveal the new updates for Year 8.

Here's all you need to know about the event.

Table of contents:



The event will take place from February 7 to 19 in the greater Montreal area.

  • Group Stage: From February 7 to 11 - Not open to the public.
  • Playoffs Part 1: From February 13 to 15 - Not open to the public.
  • Playoffs Part 2 & Grand Final: February 17 to 19 - Open to the public.

Venue: Place Bell, in Laval, Quebec, Canada.

Address: 1950 Rue Claude-Gagné, Laval, QC H7N 5H9

Tickets are available here :

Age Restriction: Please note that the event is open to everyone aged 18 years old and up. Participants aged 16 and 17 years old are allowed to attend the event so long as they provide parental consent, which can be in the form of a written document. The event is not open to anyone aged below 16 years old.

Participants with a parental consent form must proceed through a dedicated lane when they enter the venue.

The parental consent form can be found below:

Place Bell will be open starting at 9 AM EST from February 17 to 19.

To enter the venue, there will be two different lines: one for the Operator Pass ticket holders and one for the Elite Pass ticket holders with fast pass access.

Fans will be able to redeem their Squad Bundle in-game items upon entry into the venue. The VIP Squad Bundle in-game items for Elite Pass ticket holders will be redeemable in the Elite zone.



Here are the 20 teams qualified for the Six Invitational 2023. The following teams have secured their spot in the competition by earning points in the Global Standings through the Regional Leagues and Six Majors during the season.

  • w7m esports (Latin America)
  • Team BDS (Europe)
  • Wolves Esports (Europe)
  • DarkZero Esports (North America)
  • Team Liquid (Latin America)
  • Astralis (North America)
  • KOI (Europe)
  • M80 (North America)
  • Oxygen Esports (North America)
  • G2 Esports (Europe)
  • FaZe Clan (Latin America)
  • Soniqs (North America)
  • Heroic (Europe)
  • MNM Gaming (Europe)
  • Elevate (Asia-Pacific)
  • Cyclops athlete gaming (Asia-Pacific)

The following teams have qualified through the regional qualifiers:

  • Asia-Pacific Qualifiers: Dire Wolves
  • European Qualifiers: Team Secret
  • Latin American Qualifiers: LOS ONE
  • North American Qualifiers: Spacestation Gaming

The 20 teams were seeded based on their ranking in the Global Standings as follows:

  • Seed 1: teams ranked 1st to 4th.
  • Seed 2: teams ranked 5th to 8th.
  • Seed 3: teams ranked 9th 12th.
  • Seed 4: teams ranked 13th to 16th.
  • Seed 5: teams qualified through the regional Last Chance Qualifiers.

For the Group Stage, teams were divided in groups of 5 teams based on this seeding.

[R6SE] - Your Guide to the Six Invitational 2023 - SI23 Groups



Here is the schedule of the Group Stage:

[R6SE] - Your Guide to the Six Invitational 2023 - Group Stage Schedule Stream A

[R6SE] - Your Guide to the Six Invitational 2023 - Group Stage Schedule Stream B

Here is the schedule for the Playoffs:

[R6SE] - Your Guide to the Six Invitational 2023 - SI23_Playoffs_schedule_stream_A

[R6SE] - Your Guide to the Six Invitational 2023 - SI23_Playoffs_schedule_stream_B



Tune in on our channels and online watch parties to see everything coming in Year 8!

Watch LIVE:

  • February 18 at 2:30 PM EST / 8:30 PM CET for the Year 8 Season 1 reveal. Tune in on our channels for the new season reveal to redeem an exclusive charm.
  • February 19 at 2:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM CET for more details about all the features and updates coming in Year 8 and new details on the esports Season 2023


For those who will be attending the event on-site, here are the activities we have planned for you:

Six Invitational 2023 Merch Store

Get your official Six Invitational 2023 merch in the shop on-site. The store will be open from 9 AM to 5 PM EST from February 17 to 19.

The following items will be available on-site:

[R6SE] - Your Guide to the Six Invitational 2023 - On Site Apparel

[R6SE] - Your Guide to the Six Invitational 2023 - On Site Accessories

The following items are available online now at

[R6SE] - Your Guide to the Six Invitational 2023 - Online Apparel

The Six Invitational 2023 flagship item made in collaboration with DRKN is also available online at:

[R6SE] - Your Guide to the Six Invitational 2023 - flagship item

Dev Team Meet & Greet

Members of the Rainbow Six Siege Dev team will be available for meet & greets when the venue opens on February 17 starting at 9 AM EST. Don't hesitate to drop by for a chat!


Photobooths will be available on-site, from 9 AM to 5 PM EST for you to take pictures.

Demo Booths

Come and try out Year 8 Season 1 in the demo booths at the event, which will be open on

  • February 17: from 9 AM to 5 PM EST.
  • February 18: from 10 AM to 3:30 PM EST.
  • February 19: from 10 AM to 3 PM EST.

Q&A Session

On February 19, we will be hosting a Q&A session with members of the Rainbow Six Siege Dev team. There will only be limited seats available on a first come first serve basis, so make sure to keep an eye out on the timings on Twitter at @R6esports.

Professional Teams Meet & Greets

Professional teams will be taking part in meet & greets throughout the event. These will be organized around the teams' schedules on-site. Follow us on Twitter at @R6esports for the meet & greet updates.

Creator Meet-and-greet, presented by Predator Gaming

[R6SE] - Your Guide to the Six Invitational 2023 - Signing Session Predator Gaming V2 Asset



Cosplayers are welcome on-site for the Six Invitational 2023.

Please note that all weapons, even fake, non-functional and/or part of a cosplay, are strictly prohibited inside the venue.

Most of the operators' gadgets will be allowed at Place Bell (including the iconic Sledgehammer), at the exception of props looking like firearms or sharp items (including, without being limited to Azami's kunai, barb wires or Caveira's knife). The costumes and props:

  • Should not pose any danger to others and/or yourself.
  • Must follow specific requirements as part of the rules for cosplay which can be found in the cosplay guidelines.
  • Must not contain any symbols or markings forbidden by local legislation.
  • Must be inspected and validated by on-site security personnel.
  • Must be kept covered or hidden during transportation to the venue.

Please consider changing into your costume at the venue. A changing room will be made available on-site, near the demo booths area.

Cosplayers must enter the venue through a dedicated entrance, called "entrée des loges/glace communautaire" where a specific security screening will take place.

Keep in mind that the venue staff won't be allowed to keep / store rejected accessories at the venue. All rejected items must leave the perimeter of the venue at time of decision.\ The full rules for cosplay are available below:



All Twitch channels below will have Twitch Drops enabled for the Six Invitational 2023.

List of channels that will stream both Group Stage and Playoffs:

Please note that Stream B channels won't be streaming the final 3 days of the event, which will be streamed on the Stream A channels.

List of channels that will only stream the Playoffs (From February 13 to 15 and 17 to 19)



Here is broadcast talent line-up for the event:

[R6SE] - Your Guide to the Six Invitational 2023 - Talent Lineup

Ghassan "Milosh" Finge

Jacki Jing

Iain Chambers

Jesse Chick

Jack "Fresh" Allen

Jacob "CaliberJacob" Anderson

James "Devmarta" Stewart

Mandy "Daughter" Powers.

Anne "FastAnne" Janssen

Ollie "XRTROIKA" Hatton

Harry "Demo" Dempster

Niclas "Pengu" Mouritzen

Parker "Interro" Mackay

Tim "AceOfPyrite" Leaver

Derry "Dezachu" Holt

Emi "Fluke" Donaldson

Stijn "Hap" Hapers

John "Blu" Mullen

Samuel "Stoax" Stewart

Stephan "Easy" Kemink

Ante "med1cz" Medić

Ronald "Cyano" Fernandez

Camille Salazar-Hadaway



The Six Invitational 2023 will feature online Watch Parties. Stay tuned on Twitter at @R6esports for more information on the list of selected streamers and content creators broadcasting the event.



Group Stage - February 7 to 11

Teams will compete in a Best-of-3 single round robin, where every team plays against every other team in their group once. The point attribution system is as follows:

  • 4 points for a 2:0 win
  • 3 points for a 2:1 win
  • 1 point for a 1:2 loss
  • 0 points for a 0:2 loss

The top 4 teams in each group at the end of the Group Stage will advance to the Playoffs.

Playoffs & Grand Final - From February 13 to 15 and from February 17 to 19

The Playoffs will be a double elimination bracket with Best-of-3 matches. Teams qualifying for the Playoffs will be placed in the bracket based on their seeding in the Group Stage as follows:

  • 1st placed team in each group qualifies to the 2nd round of the Playoff Upper Bracket.
  • The teams that will rank 2nd in each group, will qualify to the 1st round of the Playoff Upper Bracket. They will get to pick their opponent amongst the 3rd place finishers from any group other than their own. The pick order will be determined by comparing the scores of all 2nd place finishers. Among the 2nd place finishers, the team that ranks the highest chooses first, and so on. If two 2nd placed finishers are tied in number of points, they will be seeded following the tiebreaker rules outlined in the competition's rulebook.
  • 4th placed teams will be in the 1st round of the Playoff Lower Bracket.

The winners of each match will advance within their bracket, with the loser of a match in the Lower Bracket being eliminated from the competition.

The Grand Final of the Six Invitational 2023 will take place on February 19 in a best-of-5 format with no map advantage, to crown the World Champions!

[R6SE] - Your Guide to the Six Invitational 2023 - Bracket



For the duration of Six Invitational 2023, from February 7 to 19, we are offering you a 40% discount on Pro Team Bundles and Weapon Skins purchasable directly on the Esports page of the in-game store.

[R6SE] - Your Guide to the Six Invitational 2023 - S123 Pro Team Bundle Sale



Twitch drops will be enabled for the Six Invitational 2023. Stay tuned on Twitter at @R6esports for more information about the full Twitch Drops program for the event.



Please note health and safety measures may be updated up until the event, based on the evolution of the situation and local authorities' guidelines. Please find below the health & safety guidelines for the audience.

Although not mandatory on-site, we recommend all participants to wear a face mask when they are at the venue.

Cosplay is encouraged but will be subject to additional screening and restrictions.

Every participant will be subject to a search by security. Bags, backpacks, cosplay cases and cameras are allowed and will be subject to a security check.

No outside food or drink will be allowed in the venue.



By entering the Six Invitational 2023 premise, please acknowledge that you may be filmed by Ubisoft and/or its production agencies creating content about Rainbow Six Esports and the Six Invitational 2023.

Ubisoft and/or its partnered production agencies may use your image and your voice during the live broadcast of this event, and after the event in order to create videos which may be displayed on internet and social media for commercial and marketing purposes. In consequence, your image and voice may be visible to the public for as long as the videos remain available on Internet and on social media. Entering the Six Invitational 2023 premise means you consent to being filmed by Ubisoft and/or its partnered production agencies in the aforementioned conditions. If you do not want to be filmed, please contact our staff members as soon as possible to the following contact address:

Please note that your image and likeness may be transferred to non-European countries that ensure an adequate level of protection according to the European Commission, or within the framework of the standard data protection clauses adopted by the European Commission.

You may exercise your rights regarding your personal data by creating a Data Request here:


Don't miss anything about Rainbow Six Esports and the upcoming Six Invitational 2023 by following us on Twitter at @R6esports and @Rainbow6GameInstagram and on our website.

Use the hashtag #SixInvitational to follow or take part in the conversation.

[R6SE] - Your Guide to the Six Invitational 2023 - S123 Banner Sponsors

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