March 22, 2021

To celebrate the beginning of the Rainbow Six Siege Esports Season 2021, we are thrilled to announce the release of 2 new waves of items this week, for the regional league and the R6 SHARE Tier 1 teams. Customize your load out to support your favorite team and region!

As a reminder, R6 SHARE ensures that:

  • For every team-branded item sold, the R6 SHARE organization will receive 30% of the proceeds from their respective team-branded items. Moreover, 30% of the organization’s revenue share will contribute to the organization’s players and content creators.
  • For every regional league set sold, 30% of the net revenue will be distributed amongst all organizations in the program.

regional leagues set: available march 23rd

Y6S1 Esports AllSet 1920x1080 (1) Reszied

  • Buck – C80SFW
  • Mira – VECTOR 45 ACP
  • Jaeger – 416-C
  • Ying – T-95 LSW

The regional leagues items will be available on March 23rd at 2PM ET/7PM CET.

teams set: available march 25th

Tier 1 in the R6 SHARE program consists of 10 organizations. The team-branded items for Tier 1 organizations include 1 full bundle with Headgear, Uniform, Weapon Skin and Charm. You can get these bundles for 1680 R6 Credits each or purchase individually the headgear (600 R6 Credits), uniform (720 R6 Credits), weapon skin (300 R6 Credits) and charm (480 R6 Credits).

This new wave of items will be available starting March 25th at 2PM ET/7PM CET

  • FaZe Clan: Valkyrie – MPX
    FaZe Clan Resized

  • Fnatic: IQ – G8A1
    Fnatic Resized

  • G2 Esports: Vigil – SMG-12
    G2 Esports Resized

  • Natus Vincere: Zofia – M762
    Natus Vincere Resized

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas: Jaeger – 416-C
    Ninjas in Pyjamas Resized

  • Rogue: Bandit – MP7
    Rogue Resized

  • Spacestation Gaming: Zero – SC3000K
    Spacestation Gaming Resized

  • Team Liquid: Ace – AK-12
    Team Liquid Resized

  • TSM: Mozzie – Commando – 9
    TSM Resized

  • Vitality: Ash – R4-C
    Vitality Resized

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