Rainbow Six Mobile Beta is Coming: Register on Google Play

Hello Operators!

It’s been a big, exciting year for our game, with the worldwide announcement and our first Closed Alpha taking place earlier this year. It was amazing finally getting to see how our players and community react to the game and we couldn’t be happier with the initial feedback.

Rainbow Six Mobile is a free-to-play game designed from the ground up specifically for mobile devices. When we started production, our objective was crystal clear, to bring the Rainbow Six universe to the mobile platform, and allow more people than ever before, from all around the world, to enjoy this competitive, tactical, and team-based FPS experience. Our mission is to develop the best Rainbow Six experience possible on mobile, and we can only do that with your help.

We first want to thank the community for all your support and feedback during our Closed Alpha. We took that feedback to heart, and we have made many improvements. And it’s not just in core gameplay, but our menu systems and user experience, matchmaking and round-to-round flow, and many other adjustments that will improve the overall experience, all thanks to you. And now, today, we are very happy to announce that we are entering a new phase for Rainbow Six Mobile: The Beta Test.
The Closed Beta starts today, September 12th, and the good news is that Android users can still pre-register on Google Play for a chance to participate. Now you may be wondering which countries the Closed Beta is available in? They are: Canada, US, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Philippines, and India.

Just a quick note for our iOS users, don’t worry, we are working hard on our iOS version, and you will hear from us in the near future for upcoming tests.

So, what can you expect to see in the game during the Beta Test? Our biggest addition is the first stage of our Operator Unlock and Progression system. This means daily challenges to complete, a ticket system to play with and unlock your operators, and even a battle pass to progress through. On top of that we have some great graphical and gameplay improvements, social features like persistent teams, and a more streamlined menu flow. You will also be able to compete in 3 iconic Rainbow Six maps – Bank, Border and the newly added Clubhouse.

Keep in mind this is still a work-in-progress version of the game. Graphic quality and content are much improved from our alpha test, but still not final.

As we continue along this exciting road to release, we must move forward alongside you, our players, and fans. We believe this is the only way to deliver the best game experience possible, and we are dedicated to developing Rainbow Six Mobile in as transparent and collaborative way as possible with our players.

Thank you for all your support and see you in the Closed Beta!

- The Dev Team