Rainbow Six Mobile Closed Alpha FAQ

We are excited to share that our Closed Alpha is starting soon! We know you have been waiting for it and in this post, we will cover everything you need to know about the Rainbow Six Mobile Closed Alpha test.


When does the Closed Alpha start?

The Closed Alpha starts on May 3rd.

How do I register for the Closed Alpha?

You can now register at https://rainbowsixmobile.com/signup for a chance to participate in the Closed Alpha and future tests. You will need a valid Ubisoft account, and if you do not have one, you can create one on the registration page.

What countries are eligible for the Closed Alpha? When will Rainbow Six Mobile become available in my region?

The Closed Alpha will be geographically limited to United States of America, Mexico and Canada to selected participants. To make sure you do not miss any updates about the upcoming rollout regions, we encourage you to register at https://rainbowsixmobile.com/signup. You can also head over to Discord and join our official community.

What are the supported in-game languages during the Closed Alpha?

At this phase, the languages available are English, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin America Spanish and Japanese.

What devices are eligible to play?

You will need an Android device to participate in the Closed Alpha, as Rainbow Six Mobile will be a free-to-play game designed specifically for mobile. That also means, there will be no cross-platform feature to allow crossplay with Console or PC.

How will I know if I was selected?

If selected, you will be informed via email. All selected participants will receive a unique code to download the game. Only those who registered and received the invitation will be able to download and launch the game on their devices.

Can I share gameplay content?

Yes, we encourage you to share and discuss your experience with everyone!
Please keep in mind this is still a work-in-progress version of the game. We know during the Closed Alpha you might encounter issues such as server stability, matchmaking, gameplay mechanics, playing against bots or visual bugs, and we are using this test to identify these issues. Our team is working hard to make sure you have the best player experience possible at the launch.

What content will be available during the closed alpha?

This technical test will focus on the core gameplay mechanics. The progression and customization systems will be tested in a future phase. During the Closed Alpha, players will be able to try out up to 16 Operators and compete in two of the iconic Rainbow Six maps. There will be two game modes available during the testing phase and participants will be able to create a friend list and team up with each other.

Will there be more content at the game release?

You bet! As we get closer to the release date, we will disclose all the exciting things coming your way on the Rainbow Six Mobile world.

Will the Closed Alpha be open to play 24/7?

Yes, servers will be open 24/7. You can play at all times during the Closed Alpha. Join us on Discord to get more information about core gameplay hours when we will aim to maximize concurrent connected players.

Will my progress be saved?

Closed Alpha participants will have time to experience the game. However, because this is an early testing phase, stats will not be saved or carried over to the next phase.

How do I provide feedback to the dev team?

Player experience is at the core of our project. We need your feedback to help us shape the game in the best way possible and we will be asking you to share your experience through a quick in-game survey. You can also join our official Discord Server to report any issues to our support team.