This article provides an overview of all the changes and updates that were made to the Rainbow Six Circuit Global Rulebook for the start of Season 2021. Note that wording updates have been made throughout the Rulebook to clarify some rules without changing their meaning.

**The complete Rulebook is available : **HERE



  • Addition of a Privacy notice introduction

2.1 Regions

  • Update to the list of countries and regions of the APAC South Division
  • US and Canada divisions removed from the NA country breakdown following their merge

2.5 Regional Structures

  • All Regional structures have been updated to reflect the changes to their esports programs

3.1.1 License Requirements

  • Addition of a grace period to meeting license requirements when a team is promoted from a Local competition to a Regional competition

3.1.2 License Restrictions

  • Section reworded to better reflect License Restrictions in regard to the new possibility Teams are offered to register 2 Rosters across different competitions

3.1.5 License Transfer or Exchange Limitations

  • Section added to regroup all limitations to License Transfers and Exchanges
  • Addition of requirements to validate an organization's ability to operate an acquired license prior to its acquisition

3.2 Players and Team Staff Eligibility

  • Extension of most Players Eligibility rules to registered Team Staff members (Compliance with the Rules, compliance with local labor and immigration laws, age, Uplay account in good standing, no competition suspension)

4. Team composition and Transfers

  • Section restructured to reflect the possibility for Teams to register 2 Rosters across different competitions, and the substitute Players each Roster may register

  • Addition of a Definition section

  • Addition of Main and Secondary Rosters' structures

  • Addition of stand-in limitation to Players registered in the same competition

  • Removal of the 2020 Transfer Window section

  • Addition of the notion of Player Swaps, for transfers of Players between a Team's Main and Secondary Roster

  • Addition of Roster Registration Map Pool

  • Updated Map Pool Map Bans

  • Reworded Map ban process to better reflect Team's options throughout the process Cosmetics

  • Updated list of authorized cosmetics Unauthorized usaged of bugs or in-game exploits

  • Updated unauthorized behavior

5.1.4 Tactical Timeouts

  • Section added

5.2 Good Sportsmanship Rules

  • Updated

5.3.1 Players' substitutions

  • Section added

8.3 Privacy

  • Update of the Privacy terms

8.6 Sponsorship

  • Added limitation to Players' nicknames in-game


  • Updated to reflect all changes to Section 2.5

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