Operation Shadow Legacy

Shadow Legacy is coming out of the dark. Discover one of the biggest season Rainbow Six has ever seen with the introduction of Sam "Zero" Fisher and a ton of new update including the rework of Chalet and the map ban option.

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This season, enjoy the Shadow Legacy Battle Pass, offering one Free track and one Premium track until October 19th.


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  • Y5S3.1 Patch Notes

    The Y5S3.1 update contains primarily a backlog of bug fixes from the TS that did not make it in time for the season update. The Y5S3.1 Patch will come to PC on the week of September 21st, and will go out to consoles soon after.

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  • Welcome Pack

    Enhance your Rainbow Six Siege experience with the brand new Welcome Pack!

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  • Y5S3 Shadow Legacy Patch Notes Addendum

    Updates and fixes made over the course of the Y5S3 Test Server.

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Operators Castle, Alibi, Gridlock and Doc are joining the SIX COLLECTION with the series 5!

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