EUROPEAN T2 CIRCUIT - 2024/25 Season overview & Central Combine format guide

EUROPEAN T2 CIRCUIT - 2024/25 Season overview & Central Combine format guide

18 de junho de 2024


The Tier 2 system you're familiar with in Europe is evolving into something even more connected and exciting. This year, points will accumulate across three intense tournaments:

  1. R6 Central Combine
  2. R6 South Breach
  3. R6 North Rainbow Rumble

Open to all European located Rainbow Six Siege gamers, creating a high-stakes environment where every match counts! Tier 2 teams have more opportunity to flex than ever, with BLAST R6 EUL rosters no longer competing in these tournaments. Official academy rosters of these teams may field one player only from their main roster at their choosing. More information on this can be found in the rulebooks of the tournaments.

As teams battle it out throughout the year, their performance will determine who earns the coveted finalist spots in the Tier 2 Grand Final event, to be played after SI2025.

Each tournament allows teams to play for a prize pool of 20,000€ per event, with the Grand Final event adding 15,000€ on top for a total 75,000€ prize pool!

This new format promises to elevate competition, ensuring that only the best of the best in Tier 2 will clash in an unforgettable showdown. We're looking forward to sharing more details about South Breach, North Rainbow Rumble and of course the T2 final event later in the year, but for now, we have all the details of the R6 Central Combine 2024 ready for you!

[R6ES] EUROPEAN T2 CIRCUIT - 2024/2025 - 1

Central Combine 2024

Get ready for the 2024 edition of the R6 Central Combine!

While the overall format stays the same, we have learned from last year's feedback and are making slight changes to qualifiers, as well as the main stage.

As mentioned previously, full BLAST R6 European League teams will no longer compete in this off-season format. The number of participating teams in Phase Two has been reduced from 24 to 16, and the qualification process for the event has been streamlined.

As we had a lot of positive feedback on the offline Finals, we are happy to announce that the R6 Central Combine's offline final in cologne 2023, wasn't a one-timer! Mark your calendars and see you on August 23rd in Xperion Cologne during gamescom!         

[R6ES] EUROPEAN T2 CIRCUIT - 2024/2025 - 2

Phase 1: Qualifiers

This time, everyone from Europe has the same chances to qualify!

By competing in each qualifier, your team can collect points to qualify for Phase 2. The qualifier where your team scores the least amount of points will not be taken into account in your final score.

*Note: The qualifiers will be open for community casting again! Make sure to contact the tournament administration on the official R6 Central Combine Discord Server! (*

Ranking in the top 16 after four qualifiers will grant you access to Phase 2: The Division Clash!

[R6ES] EUROPEAN T2 CIRCUIT - 2024/2025 - 3

Phase 2: Division Clash

16 instead of 24 teams will be divided into four groups (Divisions), with two divisions forming a conference.

We start off Phase 2 as it was, with every team playing against the teams in its division.

After playing against every team once, the current first place of each division will meet the 4th ranked team of the other division within their conference, while the 2nd placed team meets the opposing third. These matches are called "cross-divisionals".

The teams will then continue another round of matches within their division, creating a new ranking. Once completed, they will play another cross-divisional match against the teams that then sit on the defined ranks, with the current first of Division A meeting the current fourth of Division B and so on.

After two rounds, the team with the fewest points per Division gets eliminated, qualifying a total of 12 Teams for Phase 3 - The Conference Clash!

[R6ES] EUROPEAN T2 CIRCUIT - 2024/2025 - 4

Phase 3: Conference Clash

With three teams of each division left, the divisions merge into conferences.

Now, having 12 teams split into two conferences, each team plays against every team from the other conference once!

Every team will therefore play a total of six matches in this phase, which will have a combined standing for all twelve teams, just as last year.

The top six teams will then be placed in a 6-Team-Playoff System.

[R6ES] EUROPEAN T2 CIRCUIT - 2024/2025 - 5

Phase 4: Playoffs

In Phase 4, we will enter a 6-Team-Playoff bracket, where the teams which finished the Conference Clash on seed one and two, will be granted a free win!

[R6ES] EUROPEAN T2 CIRCUIT - 2024/2025 - 6

For the price money distribution, the ground rules are just as last years.

Making it to the playoffs will already grant you €1,000! Dropping out in round two will have earned you twice as much! €2.000 for the two teams ending 3rd/4th.

Reaching the grand final will not only have you travel to Cologne, Germany for an offline stage and a lovely crowd, but also reward you with €4.000 for the 2nd place and €10.000 for the R6 Central Combine Champions of 2024!

[R6ES] EUROPEAN T2 CIRCUIT - 2024/2025 - 7

[R6ES] EUROPEAN T2 CIRCUIT - 2024/2025 - 8

Community Casts:

We are happy to work with community casters again, to make more games accessible for our audience! If you are interested in broadcasting matches from phase one, two and three on your channel, you can contact the R6 Central Combine Team on Discord:

Prove yourself to the top teams, by making your way through the #R6Combine2024! Sign your team up now:

South Breach & North Rainbow Rumble

The South Breach and North Rainbow Rumble will stay true to their essence, with prize money and qualifiers aligning consistently with Central Combine. The South Breach is planned for November and the North Rainbow Rumble for January 2025

More details on the exact qualifiers dates and format will be shared soon.

T2 Grand Finals Europe

This year, we're adding an exciting twist by introducing a fourth event: the T2 Grand Finals Europe. The Top Teams from Central Combine, North Rainbow Rumble, and South Breach will face off, not only for the prestigious title but also for a dedicated prize pool of 15.000€. Our goal is to crown the best T2 team in Europe.

Stay tuned for more details on the T2 Europe Grand Final.

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