Announcing the European Off-Season Competitions

05 de junho de 2023 · 6 minutos de leitura

We are excited to introduce the 3 new European Off-Season competitions open to all European teams for a total cash prize of €120,000!

Designed mainly for aspiring professional players and teams, this new Off-Season circuit will offer them an additional opportunity to compete at a higher level, hone their skills, and earn rewards.

There will be 3 different tournaments across both Off-Season of the year: one for territories in Central Europe, one for Northern Europe, and one for Southern Europe.

The schedule has been designed to give teams the opportunity to take part in all 3 tournaments as there are no overlaps between them.

Therefore, Central and Northern Europe will each host their own tournament between June and August, while the Southern Europe competition will take place between November and January. Details about the Northern and Southern European competitions will be shared later, starting with the Northern Europe tournament very soon!

Each tournament will be unique through its format, name or design and will include Qualifiers, Group stage and Playoffs.

Please note that these tournaments will not be linked to each other and will have no connection with the BLAST R6 global esports circuit, which means that no points will be allocated for the next Six Invitational through these competitions.

In addition, all European teams will be able to take part in these new Off-Season tournaments, including teams from the BLAST R6 Europe League on a restricted basis.

The first Off-Season tournament will be hosted by the Central Europe Region from June 19 to July 23, with finals scheduled to take place on August 24, with a €40,000 cash prize.

Let's get into more details with the first European competition: R6 CENTRAL COMBINE

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Rainbow Six Siege players, get ready for the 1st Off-Season competition of the year: R6 Central Combine!

The R6 Central Combine includes two slots for teams part of the BLAST R6 Europe League, six slots for teams part of the Nationals hosted in Central Europe last season and 18 slots for teams that go through our open qualifiers.

The R6 Central Combine is split into four stages.

Phase 1: Qualifiers

As mentioned before, there will be a closed qualifier for the BLAST R6 Europe League teams. Only two of these teams can compete in the R6 Central Combine. They will directly qualify for the playoffs (phase 4)!

Then, there will be one qualifier dedicated exclusively to teams which had a slot for one of the following national leagues last season:

  • GSA League

  • V4 Masters

  • BENELUX League

The top four teams of this qualifier will advance to phase two.

Moreover, as this is a Central European competition, teams having three of five players from the European central region will get their own closed qualifier, with two teams qualifying for phase two! This region includes:

  • Germany

  • Austria

  • Switzerland

  • The Netherlands

  • Belgium

  • Luxembourg

  • Poland

  • Hungary

  • Czechia

  • Slovakia

The residency will be checked via a verification system.

Next up there will be four open qualifiers for everyone!\ By competing in each qualifier, your team can collect points to qualify for phase 2.

The qualifier where your team scores the least amount of points will not be taken into account in your final scoring.

The qualifiers will be open for community casting!

Ranking in the top 18 teams after the four qualifiers will qualify you for phase 2: The Division Clash!

Phase 2: Division Clash

The 24 teams will be divided into six groups (Divisions), with two groups forming a conference.

In Phase two, every team plays against the teams in its division. 

After playing against every team once, the current first place of each division will meet the 4th ranked team of the other division within their conference, while the 2nd placed team meets the opposing third. These matches are called "cross-divisionals".\ The teams will then continue another round of matches within their division, creating a new ranking. Once completed, they will play another cross-divisional match against the teams that then sit on the defined ranks, with the current first of Division A meeting the current fourth of the opposing division B and so on.

After two rounds, the top two teams of each division advance to phase 3, eliminating 12 of 24 teams after said eight matches.

Phase 3: Conference Clash

With two teams of each division left, the divisions merge into conferences.

Now having 12 teams split into three conferences, every team plays against every team from the other conferences once.

With every team having eight more matches in this phase, there will be a combined standing for all twelve teams, collecting points by winning matches.

Six teams will survive this phase joining the two teams from the BLAST R6 Europe League that qualified for the playoffs.

Phase 4: Playoffs

In phase 4, the teams will be seeded on the basis of their entering.

The winner of the qualifier with teams from the BLAST R6 Europe League gets seeded first, followed by the runner up, and then the teams from Phase 3.

Now, we have one more thing to share: The Cash-Reward-System.

Making it to the playoffs will already grant you 1,000 €.

With every win in the playoffs, each team will earn additional prize money, leaving the winner with 15,000 €.

We are happy to work with community casters to make more games accessible for our audience! If you are interested in broadcasting matches from Phase one, two and three on your channel, you can contact R6 Central Combine Team on Discord:

Prove yourself to the top teams, by making your way through the #R6Combine!

More Details about the R6 Central Combine can be found here:



Phase 1:

Phase 2:

  • 11.07 - 13.07.: Division Clash

Phase 3:

  • 18.07 - 20.07.: Conference Clash

Phase 4:

  • 22.07 - 23.07.: Playoffs

  • 24.08.: Finals

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