2014 September 19

2 分(読むのにかかる時間)

A How-To Guide on Article Formatting!

Hello! This is a guide on HTML formatting for FH articles.

To embed a youtube video, use the following source code below and replace the youtube ID:

To create a numbered 1,2,3 list, use the OL tags:

  1. Kensei
  2. Orochi
  3. Warden
  4. Factions

To create a bulleted list, use the UL tags:

  • Campaign
  • Brawl
  • Dominion

To embed an image:

You can use an image URL or TCM number

To center an embedded image, use center tags


To link to a downloadable file:
Download the 2016 For Honor Fan Kit

To create a hyperlink to another page:
This will link to another page
To open the link in a new tab use this

= URL to other page

Large, center text quotes:

"Large quote here!"

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