13 March 2024

Enter the longboard

In response to a popular player request, the development team is unleashing the longboard onto the Republic. We know there are plenty of vivid images that come to mind when talking about the longboard, so let's delve into some key points and decisions we made for this exciting new addition!

Full speed ahead

With the skateboard holding down the fort in the freestyle realm, we opted for a different vibe with the longboard. Instead of jaw-dropping tricks, we're all about the exhilaration of speed. Whether you're in the mood for a leisurely cruise through the roads of the Republic or a heart-pounding descent down challenging hills, the longboard offers a variety of styles that allow riders to carve their own path.

As we add new downhill experiences, as well as fast freeride and cruising, we're also, we collaborated with local athletes like Gautier Lux to get the details just right! From the brakes to the stance to the boards, we worked on the details to perfect the experience!

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The longboard isn't just a mode of transportation; it's a statement, an extension of your personal style. And this sentiment is mirrored in how each rider customizes their boards. From the deck's shape to the grips, every detail is chosen to enhance the ride.

That's why we've set up 3 different boards in the Republic. Each has been fine-tuned down to the smallest detail to offer a unique experience.

  • A cruiser to ride smoothly along the road of the Republic and enjoy the scenery.
  • A downhill board to take your racing needs to the next level.
  • And for the thrill-seekers, we created a carbon fiber board that lets you reach crazy speeds.

So, which one will be your go-to? Let the boarding adventure begin!

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Optimize your line

A great board is a fantastic tool, but it's nothing without a rider who can push it to its limits! To ensure you have all the tools required to shave those precious seconds off your opponents' times, we've added some features that will either make or break your best run!

And speaking of breaks---yes, pun intended---we're introducing several variations of them! Depending on your speed, you might find yourself executing moves like the Glove Down or the Squat Drift. Plus, you can even airbrake by hitting the stance switch button. Nailing the right speed around the corners will be the key to crossing the finish line in record time.

But, a word of caution---don't get too greedy! Hugging the inside of the corner too tightly might make you wobble. And there goes your run.

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Get Ready for the Longboard Extravaganza!

Buckle up, the longboard will hit the scene on March 20, 2024, coinciding with the kick-off of Season 10, at 1pm UTC.

You can snag it as a standalone for 1050 RC, delivering the 3 boards, along with the events. This also unlocks the longboard for your free roaming bliss.

Or, for the ultimate experience, you can grab the Year 3 Pass. For 2300 RC, you'll snag all three longboards, the events, a special outfit for the sport, and the toy lined up for Season 12---rumor has it, it might be the Mountainboard? Secure the Year 3 Pass exclusively in-game.

For those who like a test ride, we've got you covered with weekly live events featuring this sleek new toy. And if you want to try some more, you can browse the player-created events in the LAB to find more longboard races! you might stumble upon some thrilling longboard challenges!

Gear up for the longboarding thrill---see you soon cruising the Republic!


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