18 March 2024

Spring Season

Alright, riders! Brace yourselves for the Spring Season, hitting the Republic on March 20th at 1 PM UTC. As nature awakens, get ready for a burst of thrilling content setting the tone for the rest of Year 3. Let's kick things off with a visual recap! 🌸

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Prepare for 4 weeks of adrenaline-fueled competitive Mass Races, 4 weeks of facing the challenges brought by ONI X, and additional weeks packed with unique opportunities. Plus, enjoy free skate and longboard access at our Live Events.


A star of the season is the longboard, a thrilling new toy featuring 3 distinct boards for 3 unique flavors---from smooth cruising to tearing down hills at breakneck speed. Alongside it, we're rolling out 10 new events to leave your mark!

The longboard is up for grabs in a standalone pack exclusively in the in-game shop for 1050 RC. If you're itching to dive deeper into the world of longboarding in the Republic, check out this article!

[RR] News - S10 Article - longboard

Available on March 20th

Year 3 Pass

You heard it right! The Year Pass is making a comeback for the 3rd year of the Republic. This time, which includes the Longboard Pack---featuring 3 boards, 10 events, and an exclusive outfit. Get ready to snag it at the kick-off of Season 10.

And because we believe more is more, Season 12 is introducing the Mountainboard to the eclectic mix of snowboard, skateboard, hoverboard, and longboards. As part of the Year 3 Pass, it'll come with its own special outfit---details to follow, so stay tuned for the thrilling ride ahead!

It will only be available in-game for the price of 2300 RC on March 20th.

Event Creator evolution!

Prepare for a revolution in the now-renowned Event Creator! This takes center stage as one of the key themes for the third year of the game, undergoing transformative changes from Season 10 through Season 12. Season 10 serves as the groundwork, ensuring a robust foundation before we roll in additional enhancements.

Beyond name changes, we've revamped the menus. Now, you can access the LAB tower as usual or head straight to the LAB tab in the menu to start exploring.

Creating an event has never been smoother. It's more intuitive with added options. Shape the experience by tweaking checkpoints---alter their shape, size, and placement.

The end flow received its fair share of upgrades too. You'll need to validate your event before hitting that publish button. Plus, a game-changer---a unique event code. It's generated upon publishing, simplifying event sharing like never before!

To top it all off, you'll now be able to earn lots of experience points by completing events created by other players!

For an in-depth look, dive into this article for all the juicy details!

It'll be available to everyone from March 19th.

Reminder: A heads-up: With the new Event Editor, existing player-created events won't carry over into Season 10. We won't be able to support old and new events, but the improvements will be worth it!

Blossoming with New Content!

Get ready for a wave of fresh content as the new season unfurls on March 20th at 1pm UTC! From the store to the weekly schedule, exciting additions are on the horizon. The Ridge is even getting a flowery facelift---nature's way of saying, "Welcome to Spring!"

Mass Race competitions are making a triumphant return on April 3rd, happening every 3 weeks. Finish in the top 3, and you'll score a unique item. Keep the winning streak alive across all 4 weeks to unlock the full outfit!

Speaking of Mass Races, your enthusiasm for them spoke volumes, and we've listened. After some testing, we're excited to announce that Mass Races will now start every 20 minutes, every week!

But that's not all; Oni X is back with his own set of challenges right after the Mass Race competition weeks. Best all his challenges in each of the 4 rounds to claim the full outfit!

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Count on a minimum of 6 live events each week, including one to showcase the skateboard and another for the longboard. Plus, there are 2 live areas every week, offering unique twists to your favorite events!

The shop receives new shipments too. Alongside a slew of fantastic outfits, we're introducing a new effect with the Topographic outfit. The jersey features an " evolutive FX " transforming its texture from black & white to white & black as you pick up speed---changing between 20 and 100 km/h.

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And drumroll, please! Season Progression brings 20 shiny new rewards. Your wishes have been heard! A new haircut is coming, and that's not all - prepare for the arrival of a beard!

To top it off, Picture, Commencal, Nidecker, Pit Viper, Federal Bike, FlyBikes and Marin will be getting more content in the Republic this season! You can find them in the Weekly Rewards, the Season Progression, or the Shop!

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One last surprise, riders! If you've been itching to know what's in store for the rest of Year 3, the wait is over. Feast your eyes on the roadmap!

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Now, all that's left is to countdown to the 20th. See you soon in a blooming Republic! 🌺

Fixes and known issues


[Effect] The snow effects that touch the characters have been reworked.
[World] No more invisible wall in the Riders Ridge!
[World] That one particular rail in The Deck shouldn't keep you on an infinite ride!


[Longboard] Wheels may get clipped on some parts of events.
[Outfit] Depending on the helmet and goggles you're using, they may appear to stretch.
[UGC] You may still hear the gears sounds after you finish a line.
[UGC] Score events may be impossible to finish if the creator did a trick right before the finish line.
[UGC] The line history can sometimes be incorrectly positioned when exiting and quickly returning to the menu.
[UGC] Events may disappear from the published menu after creating more than 46 of them.
[UGC] Text to Speech may repeat "Test" when you try to adjust the score/time of your event.


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