17 June 2024

Season 11: Summer Season!

What's up Riders?

Get ready for the Summer Season coming around the corner on June 19th at 1PM UTC. This season will be full of summerly content such as a permanent shop, new burger boxes and some improvements to the LAB Center. So, let's break down what's coming up in the following visual recap.

[RR] Season 11 Recap - season overview

Celebrate with us the Season with the Free Live Events, the comeback of our competitive Mass Races, and we're celebrating the summer with the Riders Republic Games!
Additionally, we also added some rewards, such as an outfit for the competitive Mass Races or more outfits and gears in the Season Progression.

[RR] Season 11 Recap - rewards

LAB Update - Event Creator Improvements

You enjoy creating events, but you strive for more, we will bring the ambiance personalization to you, with the option to add the same effects as the ones that you can use in the photo mode. Yes, even the cartoon filter!
Additionally, you can now find events, created by players, while you explore the beautiful areas of the Republic.

A new Shop

We also took the opportunity to give our shop a massive rework to embrace a new cycle. With the start of the new season, we added a permanent collection which you can either find in the "sportswear" or "collection" section. So, there is no need to wait shop rotations anymore, all the outfits from day one are available at all times now!

Newer content will continue being added on a weekly basis towards the beginning of each new season and will never leave. What about discounts and special deals? Always there and following the weekly basis.

[RR] Season 11 Recap - outfits

New Burger Boxes

With the new season coming, we added new burger boxes which also contains parts of outfits from the store that were originally available for RC. The new boxes will additionally include following new content:

Legendary Bottoms - Containing pants and shoes
Legendary Tops - Containing tops and backpacks
Legendary Headwear - Containing headwear and eyewear
Legendary Gear

You will find the new boxes in the season progression and weekly challenges.

Summer content

Season 11 will also include new progressions up to 20 tiers to unlock, the usual weekly programs, which contain 6 live events, 2 live areas and 8 challenges to play.
There will also be a comeback of the competitive calendar, with new outfits for the fastest and of course the mass race contest.
Those will start on the following weeks:

Week 1: July 3rd to July 10th
Week 2: July 24th to July 31st
Week 3: August 14th to August 21st
Week 4: September 4th to September 11th

Last but not least, our dear Ridge will dress his beautiful summer colors with this new season.

And this will wrap up all the content to share. See you in the ridge! ☀️

Patch Notes

[LONGBOARD] Several camera and animation fixes 
[MENU] Updated the thumbnail for the "Goose" snow skate 
[SEASON PROGRESSION] Fixed a bug that allowed players to open a burger box multiple times. 
[LAB EVENTS] Fixed an issue that gave the maximum amount of experience when conditions were not met.


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