6 March 2024

Event Creator

Hey Riders!

Season 10 is knocking at the door, and let's shine some light on what's coming your way! Today, we're diving into the exciting updates to Creative Mode, now known as the Event Creator.

Let's dive into the deets!

The Creation

Starting with the main dish! The initial flow won't stray too far from what you're used to. You're out there cruising the world, and when you pop open the trusty tool wheel, you'll discover the line you just blazed. Now, here's where the exciting changes come into play---like checking out your current line or revisiting the events you published with this new tool, to decide which ones are due for a facelift.

[RR] News - Event Creator - Feb 2024 - Lines

Another notable tweak---the Creation tab has undergone a transformation, now dubbed LAB. It's set to become one of the access points for the Event Creator. Beyond the main menu, you can dive into the LAB tower right from Riders Ridge or pop open the Tool Wheel for a quick entry.

[RR] News - Event Creator - Feb 2024 - Menu

One of the game-changers is how you modify checkpoints. Adding or removing them is a breeze. Just like tweaking the start or finish line. But now, you can make them bigger, smaller, change their shape, or even relocate them.

[RR] News - Event Creator - Feb 2024 - Edit

Feel like making that jump during your line more epic with a checkpoint way up high? You got it!
Dreaming of crafting a challenging stunt-filled line with minimal shortcuts? It's now on the menu!
Thinking of a completely different event where you leap from platform to platform? Oh yeah, why not!

Another significant shift is that you'll need to validate the event before sharing it with other players. No more unfinished or impossible events---let's keep it real.

[RR] News - Event Creator - Feb 2024 - Test


Once you've fine-tuned your track, given it a catchy name, a cool image, and even slapped on a difficulty rating to give your fellow riders a heads-up, it's time to share your masterpiece. Sounds pretty familiar, right?

Here's the twist - a pretty exciting addition. Sharing an event with your friends for a friendly challenge or to get feedback for improvement is now a walk in the park in Republic.

Once you hit the publish button, you'll receive an event code. Your friends or communities simply enter this code, and boom - they are ready to beat your time!

[RR] News - Event Creator - Feb 2024 - Code

Picture this---internal cup with a solo event to determine the fastest in your crew. Challenge the risk-takers with your gravity-defying stunt. Or invite other riders to explore your favorite lines.

And hey, ever wanted to go head-to-head with a developer? We might be able to slip you into some of their events if you play nice!

We're sure everyone will find a new way to use events!

A Work in Progress

Slapped with a "BETA" tag in game, is far from a finished work. A look at its menu should make it clear that there is much more in the works for this feature.

While it's too early to reveal any details, fine-tuning the Event Creator is a major goal for Republic's third year. We're laying a solid foundation for Season 10, and brace yourselves, because Seasons 11 and 12 will propel it to new heights.

Huge thanks to the riders who took a test drive earlier this year, and an even bigger shout-out to those who took the time to share their thoughts. Your input is instrumental in shaping this tool into its best form.

We'll be unveiling some of the exciting additions we have in the pipeline very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Please note that with the introduction of the new Event Creator, existing player-created events will not transition into Season 10. The cleanup is scheduled to occur during the March 19th maintenance period at 9am UTC.

Come and try it out!

In addition to the great features we've already mentioned, we've added a few more elements to make the Event Creator even more exciting!

Now, as you play events, you'll earn experience based on the sport you're playing. Imagine leveling up your flying career and nabbing the Icarus while beating a friend's record - how cool is that?

While we're putting the Event Creator through its paces in preparation for future seasons, here's some exciting news for Season 10: All players will be able to test their skills on all toys. From classics like the trusty Jumbo Bike to sleek newcomers like the Longboard.

These enhancements to Event Creator will roll out immediately following the March 19th maintenance period.

Given the evolving nature of the Event Creator in Seasons 11 and 12, we'd love to hear your thoughts! Head over to the Feedback channel on the Riders Republic Discord and share your insights.

Don't forget to toss your event codes our way on Discord or other social media. Who knows? We might just shine a spotlight on your creations!


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