About Ubisoft Nadeo

At Ubisoft Nadeo, we develop online high-tech games powered by players. We foster a positive atmosphere at the studio (we earned the "best place to work" label) thanks to long-lasting caring between team members.


We rely on a long-term vision, based on a small, stable and agile production team.
Everything started in 2000 with the foundation of our homemade game engine, delivering a robust multiplayer network for gamers to connect, compete and create.
Since then, we've continually been working on innovative approaches to deliver evergreen and accessible playing experiences on PC and consoles as well as on watching platforms.


We strongly believe in open and collaborative creativity whether at work or in-game. Employees at the studio are encouraged to thrive while creating as well as being responsible and autonomous in their missions. Likewise, Trackmania players become the inventors and creators of gaming experiences by leading their own in-game projects such as tracks, campaigns, game modes, competitions, skins, videos (User Generated Content), thanks to our in-game tools and services.

Credit image: Tuta, "Mith Odasyne" track, designed by players Htimh and Enysado, 2021


At Ubisoft Nadeo, we also believe in sports and unity values, that we've been strongly supporting through Trackmania Esports for more than 15 years.

With the Trackmania World Tour, we open the competition to everyone, from top professional to amateur players and teams. This annual circuit also offers a unique, exciting, and easy to follow esports show for its viewers.

Credit image: Lauz, Trackmania World Cup 2022, Stade de France.