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Improving Intrinsic Exploration by Creating Stationary Objectives (View Paper)
Neurips workshop ALOE, 2023
Contributors: Roger Creus Castanyer, Joshua Romoff, Glen Berseth

Machine Learning Summit: Natural Language Generation for Games Writing
GDC, 2023
Contributors: Ben Swanson

Industry Talk (Generative AI for Narrative at Ubisoft)
IEEE CoG, 2023
Contributors: Ben Swanson

Policy Diversity for Cooperative Agents (View Paper)
IEEE CoG, 2023
Contributors: Mingxi Tan, Andong Tian, Ludovic Denoyer

Learning Computational Efficient Bots & Behaviors with Costly Features
IEEE CoG, 2023
Contributors: Anthony Kobanda, Valliappan C.A., Joshua Romoff, Ludovic Denoyer

Using Confounded Data in Latent Model-Based Reinforcement Learning
Transactions on Machine Learning Research, 2023
Contributors: Maxime Gasse, Damien Grasset, Guillaume Gaudron, Pierre-Yves Oudeyer

Generating Video Game Scripts with Style (View Paper)
ACL NLP4ConvAI workshop, 2023
Contributors: Gaetan Lopez Latouche, Ben Swanson, Laurence Marcotte

Building a Subspace of Policies for Scalable Continual Learning (View Paper)
ICLR, 2023
Contributors: Jean-Baptiste Gaya, Thang Doan, Lucas Caccia, Laure Soulier, Ludovic Denoyer, Roberta Raileanu

Building a Subspace of Policies for Scalable Continual Learning (View Paper)
NeurIPS Deep RL Workshop, 2022
Contributors: Jean-Baptiste Gaya, Thang Doan, Lucas Caccia, Laure Soulier, Ludovic Denoyer, Roberta Raileanu

Measuring Disentanglement: A Review of Metrics (View Paper)
MICCAI Workshop on Medical Applications with Disentanglements, 2022
Contributors: Marc-André Carbonneau, Julian Zaidi, Jonathan Boilard, Ghyslain Gagnon

Direct Behavior Specification via Constrained Reinforcement Learning (View Paper, Blog, GitHub)
ICML, 2022
Contributors: Roy, Julien and Girgis, Roger and Romoff, Joshua and Bacon, Pierre-Luc and Pal, Chris J

Regularized Soft Actor-Critic for Behavior Transfer Learning (View Paper)
IEEE CoG, 2022
Contributors: Tan Ming Xi, Tian An Dong, Ludovic Denoyer

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Navigation in AAA Video Games (View Paper)
IJCAI, 2021
Contributors: Eloi Alonso, Maxim Peter, David Goumard, Joshua Romoff

Graph augmented Deep Reinforcement Learning in the GameRLand3D environment (View Paper)
AAAI Workshop on Games, 2021
Contributors: Edward Beeching, Philippe Marcotte, Maxim Peter, Joshua Romoff

Direct Behavior Specification via Constrained Reinforcement Learning (View Paper)
AAAI-20 Workshop on Reinforcement Learning in Games, 2021
Contributors: Julien Roy, Roger Girgis, Joshua Romoff, Pierre-Luc Bacon, Christopher Pal

Off Policy Differentiable Logic Reinforcement Learning
Contributors: Li Zhang, Xin Li, Mingzhong Wang and Tian An Dong

Deep RL for Navigation in AAA Video Games (View Paper)
NeurIPS 2020 Challenges of Real-World RL workshop, 2020
Contributors: Eloi Alonso, Maxim Peter, David Goumard, Joshua Romoff

Adversarial Soft Advantage Fitting (View Paper)
NeurIPS, 2020
Contributors: Paul Barde, Julien Roy, Wonseok Jeon, Joelle Pineau, Christopher Pal, Derek Nowrouzezahrai

Discrete and Continuous Action Representation for Practical RL in Video Games (View Paper)
AAAI, 2020
Contributors: Olivier Delalleau, Maxim Peter, Eloi Alonso, Adrien Logut

Measuring Disentanglement: a Review of Metrics (View Paper)
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 2020
Contributors: Julian Zaidi, Jonathan Boilard, Ghyslain Gagnon and Marc-André Carbonneau

Smart Bots & Behaviors for Better Games: Reinforcement Learning in Production (Presentation)
GDC, 2019
Contributors: Olivier Delalleau

Reinforcement learning in video games development
Autodesk Meetup, 2018
Contributors: Olivier Delalleau & Adrien Logut

Deep RL in action: For Honor & Watch_Dogs 2 case studies
AI & Games Summer School, 2018
Contributors: Olivier Delalleau

Learn to play games: The SmartBots & Behaviors initiative
Automated Test Summit, 2018
Contributors: Adrien Logut

Reinforcement Learning as a Production Tool on AAA Games
GAIN, 2017
Contributors: Olivier Delalleau and Adrien Logut


MoSAR: Monocular Semi-Supervised Model For Avatar Reconstruction Using Differentiable Shading (View Paper, GitHub)
CVPR, 2023
Contributors: Abdallah Dib, Luiz Gustavo Hafemann, Emeline Got, Trevor Anderson, Amin Fadaeinejad, Rafael M. O. Cruz, Marc-André Carbonneau

Generating Emotionally Expressive Look-At Animation (View Paper)
MIG '23, 2023
Contributors: Ylva Ferstl

Exemplar-based Stylized Gesture Generation from Speech: An Entry to the GENEA Challenge 2022 (Challenge Entry)
ICMI '22: International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, 2022
Contributors: Saeed Ghorban, Ylva Ferstl, Marc-André Carbonneau

Face Editing using Part-based Optimization of the Latent Space (View Paper)
Computer Graphics Forum, 2023
Contributors: Mohammad Amin Aliari, Andre Beauchamps, Tiberiu Popa, Eric Paquette

Artists Guided Generation of Video Game Production Quality Face Textures (View Paper)
Computers & Graphics Journal, 2021
Contributors: Christian Murphy, Sudhir Mudur, Daniel Holden, Marc-Andre Carbonneau, Donya Ghafourzadeh, and Andre Beauchamp

Curvature Analysis of Sculpted Hair Meshes for Hair Guides Generation (View Paper)
CGI, 2021
Contributors: Florian Pellegrin, Andre Beauchamp and Eric Paquette

SuperTrack: Motion Tracking for Physically Simulated Characters using Supervised Learning (View Paper, Video)
SIGGRAPH Asia, 2021
Contributors: Levi Fussell, Kevin Bergamin, Daniel Holden

Robotic Character in Video Games (Presentation)
ICRA, 2021
Contributors: Daniel Holden, Kevin Bergamin

CV4Animals Workshop , 2021
Contributors: Abassin Sourou Fangbemi

Appearance Controlled Face Texture Generation for Video Game Character (Best Student Paper) (View Paper)
MIG, 2020
Contributors: Christian Murphy, Sudhir Mudur, Daniel Holden, Marc-André Carbonneau, Donya Ghafourzadeh, Andre Beauchamp

Learned Motion Matching (View Paper, Video)
Contributors: Daniel Holden, Oussama Kanoun, Maksym Perepichka, Tiberiu Popa

Robust Motion In-Betweening (View Paper, Video)
Contributors: Félix G. Harvey, Mike Yurick, Derek Nowrouzezahrai, Christopher Pal

Part-based 3D Face Morphable Model with Anthropometric Local Control (Best Student Paper) (View Paper)
GI, 2020
Contributors: Donya Ghafourzadeh, Cyrus Rahgoshay, Sahel Fallahdoust, Andre Beauchamp, Adeline Aubame, Tiberiu Popa, Eric Paquette

Animation Retrieval
SIGGRAPH - Making Machine Learning Work: From Ideas to Production Tools - Course, 2020
Contributors: Mike Yurick

Ragdoll Motion Matching (Video)
GDC, 2020
Contributors: Simon Clavet

Machine Learning, Physics Simulation, Kolmogorov Complexity, and Squishy Bunnies (Video)
GDC, 2020
Contributors: Daniel Holden

ZooBuilder: 3D Animations From Videos for Quadrupeds (Presentation Information)
SIGGRAPH Asia, 2020
Contributors: Abassin Sourou Fangbemi, Alexis Rolland

ZooBuilder: 2D and 3D Pose Estimation for Quadrupeds Using Synthetic Data (View Paper)
SCA, 2020
Contributors: Abassin Sourou Fangbemi

A new Era of Performance Capture with Machine Learning (Presentation)
GDC, 2019
Contributors: Daniel Holden

Subspace Neural Physics: Fast Data-Driven Interactive Simulation (Video)
SCA, 2019
Contributors: Daniel Holden, Bang Chi Duong, Sayantan Datta, Derek Nowrouzezahrai

Robust Marker Trajectory Repair for MOCAP using Kinematic Reference (Presentation)
MIG, 2019
Contributors: Maksym Perepichka, Daniel Holden, Sudhir P. Mudur, Tiberiu Popa

DReCon: Data-Driven Responsive Control of Physics-Based Characters (View Paper, Video, Blog)
SIGGRAPH Asia, 2019
Contributors: Kevin Bergamin, Simon Clavet, Daniel Holden, James Richard Forbes

Robust Solving of Optical Motion Capture Data by Denoising (View Paper)
Contributors: Daniel Holden

Recurrent Transition Networks for Character Locomotion (Technical Briefs) (View Paper)
SIGGRAPH Asia, 2018
Contributors: Félix G. Harvey, Chris Pal

Character Control with Neural Networks and Machine Learning (Presentation)
GDC, 2018
Contributors: Daniel Holden

Machine Learning in the Toolbox of Game Development
MIG / i3D, 2018
Contributors: Daniel Holden


Diverse super-resolution with pretrained hierarchical variational autoencoders (View Paper)
Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 2022
Contributors: Jean Prost, Antoine Houdard, Nicolas Papadakis, Andrés Almansa

Wasserstein patch prior for image superresolution (View Paper)
IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging, 2022
Contributors: Johannes Hertrich, Antoine Houdard,  Claudia Redenbach

Compact Poisson Filters for Fast and Accurate Fluid Simulation (View Paper)
Contributors: Shahin Rabbani , Jean-Philippe Guertin , Damien Rioux Lavoie,  Arnaud Schoentgen , Kaitai Tong, Alexandre Sirois-Vigneux, Derek Nowrouzezahrai

Torch Them All: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Make Fire (Presentation)
GDC, 2021
Contributors: Shahin Rabbani

Fast Eulerian Fluid Simulation In Games Using Poisson Filters - Peer-Reviewed Showcase (Presentation)
SCA, 2020
Contributors: Amir H. (Shahin) Rabbani and Soufiane Khiat


Revealing Identity Biases in Toxicity Detection: A Reactivity Analysis Methodology (View Paper)
ACM Ethical Games Conference, 2024
Contributors: Josiane Van Dorpe, Zachary Yang, Nicolas Grenon-Godbout, Grégoire Winterstein

Game On, Hate Off: A Study of Toxicity in Online Multiplayer Environments (View Paper)
ACM Ethical Games Conference, 2024
Contributors: Zachary Yang, Nicolas Grenon-Godbout, Reihaneh Rabbany

Unveiling Identity Biases in Toxicity Detection : A Game-Focused Dataset and Reactivity Analysis Approach (Workshop)
EMNLP 2023 - Industry, 2023
Contributors: Josiane Van Dorpe, Zachary Yang, Nicolas Grenon-Godbout, Grégoire Winterstein

Towards Detecting Contextual Real-Time Toxicity for In-Game Chat (View Paper)
EMNLP 2023 Findings, 2023
Contributors: Zachary Yang, Nicolas Grenon-Godbout, Reihaneh Rabbany

Regularized Contrastive Learning of Semantic Search (View Paper)
NLPCC, 2022
Contributors: Tan Ming Xi, Tian An Dong, Alexis Rolland


Searching bug instances in gameplay video repositories (View Paper)
IEEE Transactions on Games, 2024
Contributors: Mohammad Reza Taesiri, Finlay Macklon, Sarra Habchi, and Cor-Paul Bezemer

ImageNet-Hard: The Hardest Images Remaining from a Study of the Power of Zoom and Spatial Biases in Image Classification (View Paper, GitHub)
NeurIPS Datasets and Benchmarks Track, 2023
Contributors: Mohammad Reza Taesiri, Giang Nguyen, Sarra Habchi, Cor-Paul Bezemer, Anh Nguyen

Quality Engineering in the Video Game Industry: Challenges and Opportunities (Presentation)
CSER, 2023
Contributors: Sarra Habchi

Smells in System User Interactive Tests (View Paper)
ICSE Journal First, 2023
Contributors: Renaud Rwemalika, Sarra Habchi, Mike Papadakis, Yves Le Traon, Marie-Claude Brasseur 

Performance Prediction From Source Code Is Task and Domain Specific (View Paper)
ICPC, 2023
Contributors: Markus Bock, Sarra Habchi, Mathieu Nayrolles, Jurgen Cito

Predictive Dead Reckoning for Online Peer-to-Peer Games (View Paper)
Contributors: Tristan Walker, Barry Gilhuly, Armin Sadeghi, Matt Delbosc, and Stephen L. Smith

What Made This Test Flake? Pinpointing Classes Responsible for Test Flakiness (View Paper)
ICSME, 2022
Contributors: Sarra Habchi, Guillaume Haben, Jeongju Sohn, Adriano Franci, Mike Papadakis, Maxime Cordy, Yves Le Traon

Towards Language-independent Brown Build Detection (View Paper)
ICSE, 2022
Contributors: Doriane Olewicki, Mathieu Nayrolles and Bram Adams

The Analysis of Time Series Forecasting on Resource Provision of Cloud-based Game Servers (View Paper)
IEEE - International Conference on Big Data (Big Data), 2021
Contributors: Esma Mouine

CLEVER: Combining Code Metrics with Clone Detection for Just-In-Time Fault Prevention and Resolution in Large Industrial Projects (View Paper)
IEEE/ACM 15th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR), 2018
Contributors: Mathieu  Nayrolles (Architect, Ubisoft Mtl) and Abdelwahab Hamou-Lhadj (ECE Department, Concordia University)

A Project on Software Defect Prevention at Commit-Time: A Success Story of University-Industry Research Collaboration
IEEE/ACM 5th International Workshop on Software Engineering Research and Industrial Practice (SER&IP), 2018
Contributors: Mathieu  Nayrolles (Architect, Ubisoft Mtl) and Wahab Hamou-Lhadj (ECE, Concordia University)

Towards a Classification of Bugs to Facilitate Software Maintainability Tasks (View Paper)
SQUADE '18: Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Software Qualities and Their Dependencies, 2018
Contributors: Mathieu  Nayrolles (Architect, Ubisoft Mtl) and Abdelwahab Hamou-Lhadj (ECE Department, Concordia University)


EDMSound: Spectrogram Based Diffusion Models for Efficient and High-Quality Audio Synthesis (View Paper)
NeurIPS Workshop on ML for Audio, 2023
Contributors: Ge Zhu, Yutong Wen, Marc-André Carbonneau, Zhiyao Duan

Rhythm Modeling for Voice Conversion (View Paper)
Signal Processing Letters, 2023
Contributors: Benjamin van Niekerk, Marc-André Carbonneau, Herman Kamper

The La Forge Speech Synthesis System for Blizzard Challenge 2023 (Challenge Entry)
Interspeech Blizzard Challenge, 2023
Contributors: Julian Zaïdi, Corentin Duchêne, Hugo Seuté, Marc-André Carbonneau

VoRACE: Tools for Automating Dialogue Processing (Talk)
GDC, 2023
Contributors: Jean-Philippe Letendre

Daft-Exprt: Cross-Speaker Prosody Transfer on Any Text for Expressive Speech Synthesis (View Paper)
Contributors: Julian Zaïdi, Hugo Seuté, Benjamin van Niekerk, Marc-André Carbonneau

A Comparison of Discrete and Soft Speech Units for Improved Voice Conversion (View Paper, Project Page)
ICASSP, 2022
Contributors: Benjamin van Niekerk, Marc Andre Carbonneau , Julian Zaidi , Mathew Baas, Hugo Seute , Herman Kamper

Daft-Exprt: Robust Prosody Transfer Across Speakers for Expressive Speech Synthesis (View Paper, GitHub, Project Page)
Interspeech, 2021
Contributors: Julian Zaïdi, Hugo Seuté, Benjamin van Niekerk, Marc-André Carbonneau

Speech Synthesis in the Context of Video Gaming (Presentation)
GDC, 2021
Contributors: Marc-André Carbonneau