July 5, 2022

2 Min Read

Joshua Romoff talks about Ubisoft La Forge & AI in the the Dev Interrupted podcast

Joshua Romoff, Research Scientist at Ubisoft La Forge, was invited to the Dev Interrupted Podcast to talk about Ubisoft La Forge, game development, AI and Machine Learning.

What is Dev Interrupted?
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“The Quest to Build the Perfect Bot”

In this new episode, called “The Quest to Build the Perfect Bot,” Joshua Romoff, Research Scientist, was invited to talk about his work at Ubisoft La Forge.

As the podcast’s first-ever guest from a gaming company, Joshua introduced Ubisoft La Forge and spoke about the unique role the La Forge teams play within Ubisoft. He also delved into his work focused on deep reinforcement learning, and how technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are used in game development. The episode focused on how engineering teams typically are focused on solving problems, but the goal of a gaming company like Ubisoft is to enrich customer’s lives – which is a unique, powerful change in how to think about building, developing and shipping features.

Episode Highlights

Episode Highlights Include:

  • (2:04) What is Ubisoft La Forge?
  • (7:33) Training bots = training a dog or cat
  • (9:30) NPCs of the future
  • (15:16) 90% of academic research is useless
  • (22:56) Prototypes Ubisoft is building
  • (28:18) The video game character Josh would pick for his team

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