April 17, 2020

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This Week in The Division 2 – April 17

The Division 2: Warlords of New York’s Season 1 – Shadow Tide has two events drawing to a close soon. Both the Northeast League and the Urban Jungle Apparel Event will end on Tuesday, April 21. That means different things for each event.

For the Northeast League, the mission time trials will close, and the challenges will no longer be available. Make sure you claim your caches before the event end and earn the elusive Hyena Tagger backpack trophy!

For the Urban Jungle, the apparel event will close its active phase and cache keys can no longer be earned through regular gameplay and SHD Levels. Keys will still be purchasable and caches openable until Tuesday, April 28. You are still able to earn the Purifier Mask event completion prize until this time. After April 28, the contents of this event will go on hiatus until they return to the game in the standard apparel pool later.


Priority Alerts:


  • Title Update 9 will deploy on April 21 with the routine maintenance.
  • Full Patch Notes will be available on Monday April 20, but some highlights include:
    • Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to reach The Angel of Mercy contaminated area.
    • Fixed an issue causing the Nemesis Exotic to not trigger the Focus Gear Talent while scoped.
    • Fixed an issue causing the mission objective to not update if the agent did not interact with the already open elevator doors when entering the Pentagon Main Mission a second time.
    • Replaced the Thieves Den PS4 trophy that was unobtainable since the expansion launch. It’s currently planned to be replaced by entering the Dark Zone.
    • More fixes to Gear Sets, fixing Aces & Eights’ Poker Face not working properly for example.
    • Fixed an issue causing Specialization Skill Mods to not scale correctly at level 40.
    • Booster Hive description will be fixed to correctly state that the hive delivers a stimulant to nearby allies that increases their weapon damage and handling.
    • Buffs and performance improvements to underperforming talents and weapons.
    • Adding Exotic Reconfiguration system to the Crafting Table.
    • Adding level 30 to 40 Exotic upgrade blueprints.
    • Several buffs and improvements to several Exotic Talents.


  • Exotic Reconfiguration will allow players to re-roll their Exotic gear as many times as they want to get a better roll.
  • Reconfiguration has a cost of 1 Exotic component and can be done on level 30 or 40 Exotics.
  • All owned Exotics can be upgraded from level 30 to 40 if you own the expansion and are level 40.
  • Blueprints are available from Inaya at the Base of Operations.

TCTD2 - Reconfigure Exotics - 02

Keep in mind that Reconfiguring an Exotic is a complete re-roll, meaning your resulting stats can be higher or lower than the initial roll. As a rule of thumb, if you have two of an Exotic, always reconfigure the lower rolled version to have a ‘leapfrog’ effect.

Reconfiguration rolls are not weighted by the weapon’s initial roll, the player’s Global Difficulty, or any other factor. The only outside influence on the potential results is the level of the piece of gear.

Full details on how Exotic Reconfiguration works are available here.

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