April 3, 2020

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This Week in The Division 2 – April 3

Season 1 – Shadow Tide continues with the unveiling of the new Manhunt target, the Rogue Agent Venus who is known to be an excellent sharpshooter. This week saw also saw the start of a weeklong Double XP event, and the start of our newest Apparel Event, Urban Jungle.

As with Neptune, Venus has been tracked to a region of Washington DC. By taking out Bounties, liberating Control Points, and completing Main Missions, you’ll discover her location and be able to hunt her down. You can change your Global Difficulty to alter the challenge of the Manhunt without resetting progress, and you can restart the whole Manhunt from the Season menu.

Remember: resetting your Manhunt progress for Venus will reset it for all targets, meaning Neptune will also be reset. You will need all targets to be found and eliminated in order to take on the final target, Jupiter, when she is revealed.

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The Urban Jungle Apparel Event is now live!

  • Players earn one Apparel Event key for every four SHD levels gained.
  • Keys can also be purchased or gifted to friends.
  • All players get a free key when they log in.
  • Level 40 is required to participate in the Apparel Event.

Full details on the Urban Jungle event can be found here.

Priority Alerts:


  • We rolled out a one-week suspension for players found to have exploited the so called “DPS Glitch”. Further information on the issued suspensions, as well as the related account rollback can be found on our official forums.

Title Update 8.5 is tentatively scheduled to go out next week, followed by Title Update 9 which will arrive later in April. You can read more about the planned fixes and changes on the official forums.TU8.5 will come with the following changes:

  • Control Points will reset when changing Global Difficulty, allowing players to replay them.

  • Fixes for the Striker Gear set stacks not working properly.

  • More balance changes for specific NPCs.

  • Title Update 9 will arrive later in April and more details will come as we move forward.

    • A list of changes is being actively worked on, with additional fixes, tweaks, and improvements being investigated for possible solutions.

A full recap of all the details and balance discussions shared in State of the Game #154 can be found here.


Over the past few weeks, the teams at Massive Entertainment have shifted to working from home to safeguard the health of our teams and the surrounding community.

As we adjust to the move from the studio to our living rooms, we are also working hard to fine-tune balancing, improve scaling, fix bugs and correct glitches as quickly as we can. We know this is taking time, and we would like to thank you for your patience. The team is fully committed to providing you a great experience and we are currently adapting our workflow to move forward faster in the coming weeks.

Regarding content, Season 1 continues to run as planned and we are excited to have release the second manhunt on Tuesday!

We appreciate your understanding and will be in touch to share more updates as they are available.

That’s it for this week!

Until next time,

/The Division 2 Development Team


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