March 27, 2020

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This Week in The Division 2 - March 27

Greetings, Agents. As we continue with Season 1 – Shadow Tide, this week we began our first Global Event for the Season and the first within The Division 2! Polarity Switch will test your attentiveness, adaptability, and situational awareness on the battlefield.
A freak electrical storm has charged all agents firearms and hostiles with a polarity – either positive or negative. Agents will need to engage enemies of the same polarity to inflict increased damage.
Engaging hostiles of a different polarity will do less damage and have shocking consequences.
The modifiers for Polarity Switch can be activated or deactivated at any time while in a Safe House or Base of Operations by accessing the Polarity Switch tab of the Season Menu. As the Global Event continues, new challenges and commendations will be added that are unique to the modified gameplay of the Event.

TCTD2 Season 1 Polarity Switch

Polarity Switch Global Modifiers:

  • The player's polarity will affect how they engage with the enemy
  • Engaging NPCs with the same polarity will do double damage to that enemy.
  • Shooting an NPC of a different polarity will cause the player to incur a status effect, and potentially change their polarity.
  • Players can change their polarity by reloading or changing their current weapon.
  • If players melee an enemy, polarity will switch for NPCs.
  • Polarity only affects the player's firearms (primary, secondary, pistol, and Specialization), so Skills and grenades do not do more damage, or incur damage if targeting the wrong polarity.
  • Players can complete daily challenges for stars. To gain rewards, players need gain a certain number of stars per reward, all shown in the reward track of the Global Event UI.
  • As a reward, players can earn an Exotic Cache and a Backpack trophy, as well as several Season and Crafting Caches.

On this week’s State of the game, we went into more detail on the specifics of Polarity Switch as well as discussed, the difficulty changes from TU 8.4, and a DPS glitch that causes players to have unintended levels of damage on their weapons. You can read the full recap here.

Priority Alerts:

  • We performed maintenances on Thursday and Friday to further address the DPS and Talent stacking glitches.
  • We are aware of an issue with the League UI where it appears Agent rewards and progress have been reset despite the event continuing.
  • We are continuing to follow feedback on the various levels of difficulty within the game.
  • A fix was deployed for the Season Level reset earlier this week. We’ll have more information regarding the recovery of those lost levels soon.

TCTD2 Season 1 Urban Jungle-16x9

Next week we’ll have our first Apparel Event since the launch of Warlords of New York. Get ready for Urban Jungle! This event will start on March 31st and extend until April 20th and feature four outfits, a mask, and several weapon and gear skins.
Every player will get an Apparel Key to kick off the event, and additional keys can be earned on every 4th SHD Level Up. While the Apparel Event is a part of the Warlords of New York expansion, non-expansion owners will still be able to buy keys.
More info and specifics on the event will be available when it begins, so keep an eye out!

That’s it for this week!
Until next time,
/The Division 2 Development Team


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