June 25, 2020

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Agent Highlights: Sticking together!

Greetings Agents,

This month many of you participated in our PTS for Title Update 10 and we cannot thank you enough for sharing your thoughts and experiences about the game’s recent changes with us.

For this month’s Agent Highlights, we are bringing you some incredible Fan Art, cosplay, some flowers, and a very, very special video.

Agent Highlights | Team Favourite Divider resized

This month we wanted to start with our Team Favourite, as we didn’t want you to miss it. The Division cosplay community spent months working on a secret project that they finally unveiled this month. By passing on their gear to each other in this video, they don’t only show us their cosplay skills but also that this community stays together even when they have to be apart! (keep an eye out for the puppy!)

Agent Highlights | Fanart Divider resized

@darkbookart has shared this stunning work that looks like it could be concept art for The Division 2. It is full of small details, like the enemies shooting at the agent through the smoke and the teammates in the helicopter lowering the rope. Is this agent being rescued from this situation, or has he just been deployed into the heat of battle?

Agent Highlights June | darkbookart

Keep your eyes on the sky, agents! If you don’t you might miss some supply drops or sights like the ones @mellydarkeyes has brought to us. This is a very creative approach, where she has taken a photo of the buildings and the sky, and then the same picture from the spot but reflected in the water. The results couldn’t be better!

Agent Highlights June | mellydarkeyes

@hyper_and_space wishes there was more Theo Parnell in The Division 2. With all those holograms, we wonder if that’s a good decision. Still, we are loving the linework and shading in this artwork, and the red highlights on it. Definitely worth a click to see the full view!

Agent Highlights June | hyperandspace

Agent Highlights | Fan Creation Divider resized

@misfit_managed_ tells us that she saw some plants in boots at the Campus settlement in-game and decided to try it out for their garden. It worked amazingly and we cannot wait to see that sunflower bloom!

Agent Highlights June | misfitmanaged

Agent Highlights | Cosplay Divider resized

@skumy6661 (cosplayer) and @MlleBellec (photographer) had to brave -3 ºC temperatures to bring us this stunning shot of his Hunter cosplay. We say it was worth it, great work agents! You deserve all the warm drinks in the world.

Agent Highlights June | skumy6661

Have another look, the image on the left is not part of the cosplay shoot, but @intimdation’s actual in-game avatar! This cosplayer set out to reproduce the exact appearance of his The Division 2 character model and we say it’s a perfect resemblance.

Agent Highlights June | intimdation

Thank you for accompanying us through June’s Agent Highlights. We really appreciate the talent our community members share every day with us and hope you have also enjoyed these highlights!

If you would like to be featured in our Agent Highlight Articles, make sure to tweet your creations with the hashtag #AgentHighlight.

Signing off,

/The Division Community Team.


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