June 1, 2018

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Agent Highlights: COSPLAY GALORE

Greetings Agents,

E3 is less than two weeks away, and what a time it is to be part of this lovely community! You guys kicked off 2018 Agent Highlights with incredible creations, and that kept going as we progressed into this year.

We had a busy period with the latest Global Events, Blackout and Onslaught, but that didn't stop you from taking the time to share your talents with us and with the community. And of course, we hope you managed to get the weapons and gear sets you were looking for.

As always we have received so many fantastic creations, from both veteran and newly activated Agents. There so much variety and creativity here, you guys keep raising the bar month after month. So why don't we get right into this month's Agent highlights!

You probably know how it works by now: all featured Agents will receive an in-game gift of 1000 Phoenix Credits.


Cosplays for The Division have been there from the very beginning and they have evolved to a whole new level of perfection!

We would like to welcome one of our newest members, Agent CMDR_Patrin, who announced his activation with this incredible cosplay.


"A new Agent has joined your team". Welcome aboard Agent.

Next we have got the talented Agent Mab, who plans her every mission carefully before heading out to the field. We admire your dedication Agent.


We got a close up shot to Mab's notes, if you want to know in details how she's planning out her mission to gather Intel for her fellow Agents.


Good luck Agent, we'll keep an eye out for you from our side.

It wouldn't be right not to have Area_The_Fox featured in our cosplay section. We all know how talented these Agents are. We have tried to find the one that we like the most, but it wasn't an easy task for us. However, we leave you with the one below.


We can confirm that a few people in The Division team have saved this as the wallpaper on their computers. Brilliant photo, the colours bring so much life to it. We love it!

You can always check more of their awesome work on their Twitter account here.

We received some nice shots from our Agents at Kiev Comic Con. Agent Eugen Goutnick provided us with some coverage of their mission. Good job Agents, we thank you, our guys thank you, and the people of New York thank you!


We talked a lot about how you have raised the bar when it comes to your creativity and love for The Division. Accordingly, we have something special to share with you. We spotted these unbelievable shots by KSK_Johan. Is that actually Warren Gate?


Last but not least, we got the rising super star Agents Goose and Kenga. At this point we actually think you two just came straight out of the game itself!


Lock and Load Agents!



Moving on to your artistic creations from the month of May, we start with this high quality interpretation of a confrontation between The Division Agents and the LMB. This piece of art is the work of Xiaojun He.


We really love your personal take and choices here, and the attention to detail is mind blowing. Nice work Agent!

We couldn't get enough of the work of Xiaojun He, and thus, we leave you with two more great pieces. We hope you like them as much as we do.


The next piece highlights the two sides of being an Agent. Our regular contributor to Agent Highlights, Cheshire Cat, shared this one with us.


"Two sides, one origin"

That is very true Cheshire Cat, two sides, one origin, but that choice is what defines us as The Division Agents.

Up next is a cross community piece. Created by Klexomat, this art work features Agent Mab in The Division.


It seems that you are loving the Hunters more and more these days Agents. We have another Hunter fan art for you this month. It might not be as cute as our baby Hunter from last month's Agent Highlights, but it is definitely worth being featured here. We would like to see more Agent Helary Mael!



We have got many submissions from our multitalented Agents. We will do our best to try and feature most of them.

We start with this unique tweet by Goose!


Well said Agent, but you should know that we love you unconditionally!

The Dark Zone is a chaotic and dangerous place. We all can agree to that. Spotting another Agent instantly triggers your survival instincts and you put your defences up. Monitoring every move they make, trying to stay out of their line of sight. But what if they are friendly? Yes, that is also a possibility, as we can see below.


Mr.Carrana took the time to share this moving moment straight from the Dark Zone.

We talked a lot about cosplays, but the next one is a very cool collage by 2ndlawphoto. Showing a wrap up of London MCM 2017, in preparation for the upcoming one this year. This is just something we wanted to add, as moments like these bring back memories to all of us. We all can related to similar experiences in The Division.



We thought we already made the tough decisions, but it seems we are at it again. However, we have decided to pick two team favourites for this month, as we clearly couldn't agree on one!

This first one is by Area_The_Fox. You Agents managed to capture many aspects of the game in this incredible piece of work, we just keep watching it over and over again. And thank you for dedicating this clip for the Jubilee State of the Game!

Secondly we have Agent Max. Agent Max has been a steady contributor to the community, and we very much like his methods of bringing new creations into the world of The Division. His latest being the sequel to his video. Agents, we leave you with this one.

And there we have it: May's Agent Highlights. Don't forget to tweet your creations with the hashtag #AgentHighlights for a chance to be featured in next month's article.

ATTENTION: Agents, please follow @TheDivisionGame on Twitter so we can get in touch with you for the rewards.

Thank you from all of us!

Until next time,

The Division Community Team


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