May 23, 2019

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Title Update 3 Recalibration Update


Title Update 3 is live now, and one of the major features within the update is a change to the recalibration system. We collected community feedback on recalibration across our social channels as well as the PTS and today, we want to provide an overview of updates to ensure you're well-equipped to stand strong in D.C.

For anyone new to The Division 2, recalibration offers players an opportunity to customize pieces of their equipment to better suit their playstyles and builds. While not every weapon or gear piece drops with the stats you're after, recalibration allows the transfer of attributes and talents from one piece of gear to another. This does come with a cost—the piece of gear losing the talent alongside crafting materials and currency will all be consumed during recalibration. Visit the Recalibration Station at the Base of Operations to check it out!

While the system at its core hasn't changed, we have introduced some new features into the mix with TU3. Firstly, we introduced a new value—Recalibration Score—that is visible on all pieces of gear and weapons. Capped at 100, this value will fluctuate depending on what attributes are recalibrated onto your gear. Some statistics weigh more heavily than others and increase the score to a greater amount. Note that recalibrating talents does not increase recalibration score.

This addition allows more attributes to be transferred over, wholesale. While players cannot earn 515 gear score through recalibration anymore, larger attributes will be able to be recalibrated without decreasing any of their values.

We want to remind everyone that recalibration score is not a raw indicator of power, but rather a budget of stats that have been recalibrated. You may have an item that is capped at 100 score, but it may not be at all useful for your build. We encourage everyone to experiment with the system and see what combinations come as a result!

If you want to learn more about all the recalibration details, check out April 24th's State of the Game:


As always, please keep the conversations going on recalibration and share your thoughts with us on the forums, community Reddit, and official Discord.

/The Division Dev Team


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