September 30, 2021

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SHD Spotlight: Agent StageWorks


We are excited to bring you a new instance of SHD Spotlight for this month! This is a series articles in which we highlight the creation, inspiration, and involvement of passionate members of our community. Let’s dive into it!

In this issue we’ve sat down with Vic, aka AgentStageWorks, to talk a bit about her amazing fanart and the inspiration behind them.

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Meet Vic aka AgentStageWorks!

Vic, also known as StageWorks is a passionate fan artist, sharing a lot of artworks of her SHD Agent Evelynn Hall, also known as “Pathfinder”. In her artworks, her agent is in various situations and interacting with the Characters of The Division Universe.

You might also have seen her work when it was featured in our past Agent Highlights: Heroes of The Division, and maybe even recognized some of her amazing creations on your timeline.

Vic is not only an artist but also a huge Division Lore enthusiast and likes to speculate and talk with other fans online in streams about the backgrounds of characters and factions.

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This is where the magic happens, Vic’s creative space!

What inspired you to start creating artwork?

“I’ve been an artist from the time I could hold a crayon, I’m sure. Art has always been a passion of mine since I was young, and it hasn’t stopped. It influences my life, even with my job as an Estehtician and Beauty Advisor!”

“I love to see people’s interpretations on the same things - it’s always so cool!”

What inspired you to start drawing from The Division in particular?

“A lot of people know I seldom draw, what I call, “pure fanart.” I love creating new characters to fit into a narrative to better explore the world and untouched points that may have not been looked at.

Going through the game, I always had an idea for creating an agent - it wasn’t until the second game where I decided that this agent was going to explore something different. All First Wave agents were stated as Rogue, MIA, or dead - so what if we created a survivor that fits the narrative.

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Agent Evelynn “Pathfinder” Hall

I want to explore the idea of an agent who survived and stayed loyal to her oath, whose ties tangled with the opposing side, specifically Keener and the Warlords. I also wanted to create a character that could interact with characters you don’t get much time with.

With that, Agent Evelynn “Pathfinder” Hall was born.”

How and when did you start playing The Division?

“There were very few games that I played on day one back in the day, but this was different. When I saw the cinematic trailer for the first time, I remember going “I have got to play that once it’s out!”

So, I did – and I was hooked! The atmosphere, the story, the characters – all of it drew me in, and I couldn’t get enough of it (Imagine my excitement when there was a sequel announced!)”

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One of Vic’s favourite artworks.

How would you describe the Division Community?

“All-encompassing. There are so many different types of people that come together under the Division umbrella, artists, writers, virtual photographers, and more! It really is amazing.”

“Any content that comes out of this community is a labour of love.”

What are your favourite locations or missions in The Division / The Division 2?

“I absolutely adore all the New York locations in the first game. I always get excited when I’m playing with a friend and can go “oh, I’ve been here!” or “Oh man, I remember taking a picture with my dad here when we were visiting!”

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Another of Vic’s favourite artworks, how serene!

What is your favourite piece of The Division artwork that you ever created and why?

“Luckily one of my favourite pieces is Division themed! This was based on the end of WONY, where your agent and Kelso are on the dock waiting for evac.

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Vic’s absolute favourite piece of artwork is Division Themed.

I really enjoyed the mix of shading in this, as well as the lighting. I would also say this was my first real kick into creating larger Division-themed artworks.

All of my Division related work can be viewed in this Twitter Moment!”

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“The most drastic WIP to finished Product!”

We’d like to thank Vic for taking the time to share her amazing work. It was a pleasure to be able to highlight such a passionate and dedicated member of the community.

If you want to connect with Vic, you can find her on the below platforms:

  • “My main art Twitter is StageWorks, here I will be posting artworks.
  • “Those will always be retweeted to AgentStageWorks which is all Division focused and I also post my photo mode images!”

See you soon, agents.

/The Division Team


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