25 February 2021

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Agent Highlights: Heroes of The Division


We hope the new year is treating you well. During the past month you have once again shown us that creativity is one of our agents most valuable skills! Today, we want to highlight some amazing agents, their creations and their characters.

Let’s dive right in!

Agent Highlights | Cosplay Divider resized

Let’s start with some incredible edits of Splintrshield’s original agent cosplay. The first one shows us the great attention to detail in the gear, and the second is a great recreation of the iconic flare pose. We could totally see them both as movie posters!

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Agent S3rial4K1ll took a break from the Resident Evil Apparel Event to help clear the snow to the Base of Operations. We hope the Umbrella Corps gear was enough to keep warm. You have certainly earned a warm drink after that hard work, agent.

Agent Highlights | Fanart Divider resized

For this month, we wanted to share two of Stageworks_ pieces. One of them is an amazing redraw of an in-game screenshot. You can see the side by side comparison right here:

Er hvEAWMAAco G format=jpg&name=4096x4096

Er iEkLWMAMZZLB format=jpg&name=large

The second one is a drawing of her agent Evelynn during the times of The Division. We love the snow effect and the shading on this one. You can see the emotional backstory behind this piece. Incredible work!

EtJwAm XIAA-Zw8 format=jpg&name=4096x4096

We also wanted two share two recent works from GrandarexAWD, the first one being this badass sequential art of an agent facing Survival. We love the colour pops and how dynamic and cinematic it is.

Et 9MxSU0AAQtbU format=jpg&name=large

On stark contrast to it, we wanted to share this artwork that brought a smile to our faces. A pause for a lunch break with a loyal warhound. Look at that delighted face on the agent! The sandwich must be delicious!

EsDdZhTUcAA6Xi7 format=png&name=900x900

Agent Highlights | Fan Creation Divider resized

Opha_N_Edia has been hard at work with these replicas of a Chatterbox and an Eagle Bearer. Look at the tiny details and the clean lines! The colours are also spot-on. These are amazing props, agent!

Etny0nCUYAINwk1 format=jpg&name=large

Etny0nDVgAMe2ze format=jpg&name=large

Agent Highlights | Team Favourite Divider resized

This shot almost fooled us and for a moment we thought this was an in-game screenshot. That’s how spot-on these looks are! For this month’s Team Favourite, we bring you CptMarkizi and moonlight1907 This is an impressive cosplay and a really cool group photo. Outstanding work, agents!


That’s all for now, agents! Remember to tag your creations with #AgentHighlights for a chance to be featured in one of these articles.

Wishing you the best of luck in New York and D.C.

Signing off,

/The Division Community Team

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