July 23, 2019

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Intelligence Annex: Manning National Zoo & Camp White Oak


With the release of Episode 1 - D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions, we will introduce 2 new missions, featuring new narratives and a vast array of content for you to explore.


Emeline Shaw, the leader of the Outcasts, has fallen back from her defeat on Roosevelt Island and barricaded herself deep in the Zoo. To get to her, you will need to fight through the blockades and the Outcasts who protect her to put an end to her violence.

As you hunt for Emeline Shaw through the rich and dense environment of the Zoo, you will confront the Outcast leader and her followers in a grand battle. Do you have what it takes to bring down this ferocious leader and her faction supporters?

There are also infographics dotted about the terrain that yield useful information about the many species that reside here, including pelicans, crocodiles, monkeys and more. While Shaw is your number one priority, these details are available for everyone to explore.

To launch this mission, you will need to be briefed by the Helicopter Pilot outside of your Base of Operations.



The Black Tusks and their leader have set up a strategic position close to an estate nestled deep in the woodlands, and your assignment is to take them down and capture him.

As you fight the ruthless and technologically advanced Black Tusks, you will tread through beautiful woods and scenic landscapes with lakes, hillsides and a rich wildlife. The fight will reach its peak at the cabins where the leader is residing.

To access this mission and initiate the operation, you will need to have reached World Tier 5 and completed Tidal Basin. Once this has been completed, the Helicopter Pilot outside of your Base of Operations will be waiting for you!

Good luck, Agents!

/The Division Dev Team



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