November 7, 2023


Hello Agent,

We have recently announced that the next Regional Beta for The Division Resurgence will start on November 16th for players based in the USA, Brazil and Australia

You can find all details on how to join this test in the following article Regional Beta & VIP access blog post

We also wanted to take this opportunity to share more on what to expect in this new test phase.


Our last Regional Beta was also an opportunity for us to gather some amazing feedback thanks to you, and we have been hard at work improving the game based on all that we learnt.

You can check our latest dev diary for insights into the main changes coming to the game.

We have also gathered what most of the changes will bring in the handy recap here below.

Tutorial rework

The early game, the first time a player enters The Division Resurgence and learns the basic controls, has been redesigned.

After a short tutorial phase to learn the basics of movement, shooting and using abilities, during which you now have the option of testing each specialization, you will meet up with a veteran Division Agent for your first critical mission before heading out into the open world to explore alone or play with friends.


Changes are being brought to the following elements: overall progression and economy, weekly bounties, weapon and gear power progression, player power score. By tweaking the balancing in these elements, we hope to make them less grindy, easier to understand, more enjoyable and more rewarding with rare loot being available earlier to you.


Lone Wolf Challenge

The Lone Wolf Challenge is a new game mode that allows you to test yourself in a series of levels of increasing difficulty, each with a fixed skill cap - meaning that you will be able to precisely monitor your progression and builds at every step of your journey.

At the start of each level, you get to choose one of three temporary skills so you can pick the one that best fits your playstyle.

Moreover, the faster you finish each level, the better your final rating and the more interesting the rewards.

Legendary Instance Challenge

These end game missions provided by the Legendary Instance Challenges will push you further than anything you've encountered so far, but if you survive them the rewards will make it all worthwhile. You can try solo, but you may fail. Ideally, you'll want to form a team of 4 players with complementary roles, skills & weapons.

Legendary Instance Challenges are refreshed every week.

Solo Queue Dark Zone

You can now choose to explore and enjoy the Dark Zone as a solo player, without the fear of being caught in a crossfire by a full squad of Rogue Agents.

Vanguard Rework

The Mobile Cover ability for the Vanguard specialization has been replaced by the new "Smart Cover" ability. When using this ability, you are now able to enhance any cover in the game for you and your allies using it, giving you more protection and firepower.

This change allows the skill to feel more intuitive to use in combat, while giving the Vanguard specialization a stronger tactical role when playing as a squad.

Recommended Power Score

A "Recommended Power Score" is being added for activities, modes and missions to help players understand if they are ready for the challenge at hand.

You can find this score on the map menu when selecting any mission or activity.

Recommended Builds

A build guide is being added to help players improve their character level, equipment, and power score faster by challenging them to try new things.

Armory Rework

In the upcoming regional beta, we have introduced three tiers of equipment: T0, T1, and T2. T0 and T1 equipment can be obtained through completing instances, Dark Zone activities, daily game modes, and equipment crafting. The higher T2 equipment can only be obtained through the Legendary Challenge game mode.

Completing proficiency tasks for each weapon will increase the proficiency level of the corresponding weapon and will unlock weapon attribute boosts as well as other rewards.

OS Protocols

OS protocols are being reworked to be simpler and more fun while also having more granularity in their quality, allowing players to better tailor their build to their playstyle.

Open World Improvements

Many small improvements have been added to the Open World for you to discover. Fast travel has been implemented to any activity unlocked on the open world map.

Exploration is now more rewarding, with better loot opportunities in the Open World.


The Battlepass has been reworked to provide a more rewarding experience for players with new menus as well as easier tasks to fulfill. Moreover, now all activities that grant experience will also help level up your Battlepass.

Rewards are now more interesting, culminating in a new exotic weapon you can unlock with: the Regional Beta Battlepass even unlocks an exotic weapon, the Warlord Assault Rifle.Done

We hope this will make the Battlepass rewards in The Division Resurgence content that you will look forward to collecting day after day!

Sealed Caches

Sealed Caches in Resurgence are being reworked with improved offers and content as well as revised menus and visuals. They are now easier to obtain just by playing the game.

High frame rate

The 60FPS option has been unlocked for some high-end devices. Players will be able to favor optimized performance over quality of textures & visual effects.

As you can see, we have a lot to experience already! We cannot wait to see how you will be enjoying the game and are looking forward to all the valuable feedback to keep improving the game as we move closer to launch.

Agent, get ready for activation and make sure to pre-register to The Division Resurgence on Android or iOS here: