November 7, 2023

Announcing Regional Beta 2

Hello Agent,

We are pleased to announce that the next Regional Beta will be starting on November 16th for players in the USA, Brazil and Australia! Keep an eye out for invitations to be sent in several waves starting November 16th.

Once more, players will help us further polish the game's quality as they enjoy a big portion of the story missions, plenty of side missions and open world activities, play in PvP activities or enjoy our unique PvPvE Dark Zone activity.

Take a look at the Regional Beta announcement trailer here:

How to Access the Regional Beta

  • Pre-registered players in the US and Brazil will have a chance to be selected & may receive an invitation.
  • In Australia, we will be opening the game to all interested players with compatible devices.

While the Regional Beta will be focused on bringing in new players from the targeted countries, we still wanted to offer everyone an opportunity to join in.

How to Earn Exclusive Access

We are happy to confirm that we are setting up several ways for everyone to be able to join us in this test as many access codes will be given out to our most active fans!

  • Some select content creators and community members will be eligible to participate in a 2 days early access to the Regional Beta 2, starting November 14th. These Content Creators will also be provided with access codes that they can distribute to their audience. So keep an eye on their social media!
  • During the whole duration of Regional Beta 2, if you managed to jump in, post your gameplay, screenshots, or any content made with the game. Tag us on X (formerly Twitter) and use #thedivisionresurgence to get a chance to be showcased and be rewarded with invitation codes you can share to your friends!

If you didn't get your invitation to the Regional Beta, don't worry, you definitely still have a chance to take part in the test on either iOS or Android!

Agent, get ready for activation and make sure to pre-register to The Division Resurgence on Android or iOS here: