December 5, 2018

Weekly Event: King of Mayhem

Welcome back everyone,

With The Crew® 2 Demolition Derby launching today, what better way to celebrate than by hitting up the arena to completely wreck your brand new Fender rides?!

As a competitive challenge, the aim is to place as highly on the event leaderboard as possible during the set timeframe. Only scores performed during this set period will be counted.

The event in question is: KING OF MAYHEM

Event: King of Mayhem (any difficulty)
Discipline: Demolition Derby
Dates: Wednesday December 5, to Monday December 10
Placement rewards:

Top 5: 10 000 Crew Credits
6-100: 5000 Crew Credits
101-1000: 2000 Crew Credits

Please note that leaderboards are different based on your platform, and we will therefore be rewarding the top 1000 players on PS4, Xbox One and PC respectively (3000 winners in total).

Good luck to all!