June 22, 2018

Activities and Events in The Crew 2

There are numerous ways to earn followers and vehicle parts in The Crew 2, allowing you to climb the ladder to the top of Motornation your way!

Each Family – Street Racing, Offroad, Freestyle and Pro Racing – offers different activites which you are perfectly free to take (or not), in whatever order you choose.

Here’s some of what you’ll have at your fingertips come June 29th:

Main Events

For each new Status level you reach, you will unlock a new Discipline per Family as well as its associated batch of Main Events. You can the tackle these in any order you wish.

It is possible for a player to join an event they have not yet unlocked, when invited by a Friend. They are lent a vehicle to be able to participate.

Events are available in two levels of difficulty: normal and hard. To access the hard mode, a player must have completed the event in normal mode.

Depending on your selected activity, your objective may differ from one event to another. It could range from finishing in the top 3, to hitting a particular score or beating a set time. Here are some examples (please note that some exceptions may apply during certain events):


Upon completion, each event grants the player followers, bucks, and loot (vehicle parts). The longer the challenge, the bigger the reward.


Skills are short freedrive activities dotted around the game’s open world, on the ground, in the air or on the water.

These challenges are fully integrated into the freedrive experience, and are automatically triggered by passing through the skill flag with any suitable vehicle.


Skills allow you to progress through the game and earn bucks, followers, and potentially loot. They also have leaderboards, allowing you to compete for the top spot against any who dare take up the challenge.

Completing Skills contributes to your progression within the associated Family.

Rival Events

The road to the top is always fraught with challenges, and one of the biggest you will encounter in The Crew 2 are the Rivals.

You will find a Rival to challenge and defeat in every Family, and can lay down the gauntlet for their crown in the Rival Event once you’ve completed 70% of all activities for the Family in question.

Rival Events are represented on the map by the following icons:


Winning the Rival Event will reward you with a particularly coveted, unique prize: the Ultimate Vehicle of the Family.

Winning all four Rival Events grants access to the Grand Finale – the utmost challenge a player will have to face in order to conquer the Families of Motornation!

Live Xtrem Series

For every new Status level reached, you will be invited to take part in an episode of the LIVE Xtrem Series. There are five LIVE Xtrem Series events in total.


All of them are three-stage, multidisciplinary events that require you to race in a succession of different environments. They are single-player events, and not playable in co-op.

Winning a LIVE Xtrem Series event will grant you the same types of reward as a Main Event.

Dynamic Freestyle

As mentioned above, The Crew 2 is about reaching the pinnacle of the motorsports scene your way. And for some pilots, that isn’t in set races or events – they want to just let loose and see what can be achieved with adrenaline and creativity alone!

Enter Dynamic Freestyle, a new system that allows you to both explore the world and perform crazy stunts in total freedom, with any vehicle you like.

This can be done anywhere in the open world, and while most stunts are usually solo, some also require interaction with other players.

Dynamic Freestyle will grant you followers, and the amount will scale with the duration and difficulty of the stunt performed.

This was just a taster of the different ways you’ll be able to leave your mark on Motornation. For more information on the levelling system and progression, check out our dedicated article HERE!

See you on the road, gearheads!

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