June 22, 2018

Leveling and progression in The Crew 2


Welcome to an open-world USA brimming with motor-fuelled challenge and mechanical opportunity! Your goal in The Crew 2: to become a champion of Motornation.

Here’s an overview of how you’ll be scaling the ladder of fame:

Status and Followers

Players will progress through the game by earning followers for participating in Main Events, Skills, and side activities. Gain enough followers, and you’ll increase in Status.

There are five levels of Status in The Crew 2:

  • STAR
  • ICON

At each new Status reached, players unlock new activities and disciplines.


However, the journey to the top is far from finished once you hit ICON Status! You can then continue levelling up from ICON 1 to ICON 9999.

For every level reached, you win an ICON point. Every 10 levels, you will receive loot. For every 100 levels (until level 600), you will be awarded a free vehicle: that’s 6 vehicles in total, including 1 exclusive.

A global leaderboard will display players’ level and ranking, and is visible in each Family HQ.

Vehicle Performance Customisation

In addition to Status progression, you will also be able to upgrade your vehicles in The Crew 2. All vehicles have a specific Performance Level and belong to a category (dictated by the discipline).

As such, you can buy several variations of the same vehicle model: for example, in its Street Race form, in its Touring form, and in its Rally Raid form (providing all those exist for the same model).

You can then equip various types of parts to fine-tune the performances of your vehicles, according to different parameters. Examples include the vehicle’s engine, transmission, exhaust, ECU, and many others.


There are four levels of part rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. The rarer the parts, the more they will enhance the performance of the vehicle once equipped. A brand new rarity level – Legendary – will be coming in September with our Gator Rush update.


In addition to this, certain parts will also have bonus attributes, called AFFIX, making them even more powerful and unique. Forty different AFFIX will be available to further customise the performance of your vehicles, and push them to the utmost limit of your preferred playstyle!

A multitude of different event and challenge types will be available for you to gain followers and earn vehicle parts in The Crew 2. You can find out more about them in our dedicated article.

We can’t wait to see how you choose to claim the laurels of Motornation!

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