June 19, 2018

Relive and share your craziest stunts with LIVE Track and LIVE Replay in The Crew 2!

Hello Petrolheads,

Week after week, we’re astounded by the sheer level of creativity that you showcase. Be it screenshots, videos or fan-art, you pull out all the stops and blow us away every time – and our beta phases have been no different! As such, we wanted to make sure you had all the tools you needed to continue producing such amazing content in The Crew 2, once it’s available on the 29th of June 2018.

Today, we’re going to focus on the LIVE Track, LIVE Replay, and video sharing tools, a fantastic suite of in-game features designed to help you give your best creations the visibility they deserve.


The basis of a good video is knowing what story you want to tell. And sometimes, that story is a perfect Cuban 8 manoeuvre over sun-kissed mountain peaks, or the amazing tandem J-turn you and your friend just pulled on Route 66!

But these moments are just seconds within a much longer play session, and retracing your steps to find them can be both frustrating and time-consuming. We wanted to ensure that you could easily share spontaneous stunts, while the adrenaline was still pumping from pulling them off.

Enter the LIVE Track tool, designed to give you a step-by-step recap of your last 10 minutes of gameplay. This includes everything from cool highlights like Fast Fav switches and stunts, to simply bringing up the game map or triggering the idle cam. All this in a 360°, fully-interactive map view!


Gone are the days of having to trawl through hours of recorded footage to find the few minutes of awesome gameplay you want to highlight, with the LIVE Track tool you’ll have this information in-game, right at your fingertips.


Once you’ve identified the gameplay you would like to share, you can enter the LIVE Replay tool at the press of a button. You have the Play, Rewind and Forward functions to navigate your gameplay, but it’s with the Camera options that this tool really comes into its own!

Depending on the theme of your video, you may have a particular angle or filming style in mind. To help you attain these as effortlessly as possible, LIVE Replay has four pre-set camera options that you can apply to your gameplay footage:

  • Action
  • Landscape
  • Vehicle
  • In-game (player-view angles)

For those more experienced video artists, there’s also a Free Camera mode allowing you to take full control of the filming from start to finish. And for budding filmographers wanting to really add a personal touch, a simple click will take you into the Video Editor mode and its plethora of advanced options, from post FX to advanced montage tools.

Once your masterpiece is ready, all that’s left is to share it with the world!


The process to upload your video is very straightforward, whichever platform you decide to conquer Motornation on!

Once your creation is ready, simply hit Record in the UI at the bottom of your screen to begin. When the video is generated, confirm that you want to share it and follow the instructions based on your chosen platform.

The first time you start the sharing process, you will be prompted to link your YouTube account to the game. If you do not have one, you can create one then and there. This will then upload your masterpiece directly to your channel, for all to admire!

If a video posted with our sharing tool gains enough likes and views, it will automatically be featured on our official The Crew 2 – Community Videos channel. Be sure to share your creations far and wide once they’re live for a taste of the spotlight!

We hope you’re as excited as us about all the possibilities these tools offer. And they’re just the tip of the iceberg, with a whole host of advanced features in our Video and Photo Editors for the more adventurous among you.

The whole team is looking forward to seeing your amazing creations, so make sure you use and abuse the sharing function!

See you on the road.

For more information on The Crew, check our official website. Join the The Crew community on the forums and Reddit, and be sure to follow us on Twitch to never miss a livestream. All videos highlighted by our in-game sharing tool are viewable on the official The Crew 2 - Community Videos channel.

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