July 5, 2021

Quality of Life Improvements


With the release of Season 3, the Dev Team had the opportunity to spend some time on a few long-awaited improvements for The Crew® 2.

These changes are labelled Quality of life improvements”, this means that throughout the time, our teams identified several pain points hindering the player experience in our game. We acknowledged that these issues were sometimes preventing our Community to fully enjoy the game.

With the next patch, some improvements are making their way to The Crew® 2. These changes may appear as minor, or “quick fixes”, but the reality is often different. For some of the changes below, some important systems had to be looked into and partially redesigned. It is important to highlight the efforts of our Dev Team in delivering those updates.

Quality of life improvements are crucial for the health of our game in the long-run, and we felt that the community would like to know more about those coming to the game with Season 3.

Live Summits:

  • New LIVE Summit Rewards Distribution

LIVE Summits are one of our most popular game modes and many of you tune-in every week to climb those leaderboards and get prized rewards. As you know the main objective of this mode is to offer a competitive PvP environment and reward players accordingly.

We have noticed that The Crew® 2 suffered from discrepancies between platforms, due to the difference in terms of population. Our analysis concluded that PS4 and PC players were facing a much stronger challenge than their Xbox and Stadia counterparts.

Given our observations, our Game Designers decided that it was high time we changed this system to offer a better competitive environment as well for all our players, no matter their platform.

Here is what to expect following Season 3 release*:

Before S3E1
After S3E1


*Thresholds are based on percentages but rounded up and displayed in hard values for more clarity.

Overall, many more participants will be rewarded, mostly on PlayStation and PC, while making the Xbox and Stadia LIVE Summits a more competitive experience.

  • LIVE Summit accessible at Star Level

Every future LIVE Summits will be accessible at Star level, our goal aims at removing as many barriers or blockers as possible for newcomers who would like to try this feature. Star Level players already have access to every discipline, it made little sense to prevent them from participating in LIVE Summits.

  • LIVE Summit tutorial

We also added a brief tutorial to the LIVE Summits to introduce the feature, let us know what you think!

  • Additional Rewards for completing events

To reinforce the involvement of every player during a LIVE Summit, we are now granting smaller rewards for completing an event. This will incentivize participation and increase rewards granted to players who did not manage to reach higher reward tiers.

Stunt Mode Score Calculation

With Season 3, we made a few modifications to the point calculation system in Stunt Mode.

After the update, only your individual score will be taken into account, the aggregated Crew score will not be registered any longer.

Crew actions such as Jump Overs or Slipstreams will continue to generate points, however any points earned by your fellow Crew Members will not be added to your individual final score. Stunt events leaderboards will be wiped to ensure that these adjustments are reflected in the rankings.

Additionally, the exploit consisting of having a Crew Member leaving the event to score a very short time has been fixed. This means that all sixteen The Chase and The Hunt events will see their leaderboards being wiped as well.

Performance Parts Switch

As soon as you start earning Performance Parts and different vehicles, swapping them around becomes a tedious routine. Some of our most dedicated players even started farming Performance Parts for each of their favourite vehicle, to avoid reinstalling them every time.

This was one of the most regular complaint from the Community and we knew that this needed to be addressed. However, this was not a simple change on our end, as we needed some development time to build and perfect a new intuitive system.
Starting with Season 3 Episode 1 the new system allowing for quicker Performance Part switch should make this step quicker and easier.

This system works as follows: you select a source vehicle to get Performance Parts from, then you select a target vehicle to apply those parts on. If Performance Parts were equipped on the target vehicle, these parts will be transferred to the source vehicle.

We hope that you will appreciate this new system, feel free to let us know what you think of it!

Checkpoint fixes

This is another regular Community topic of discussion. Due to the design of our back on track system and because of the placement of certain checkpoints, some players managed to find very effective shortcuts.

Some of those present in The Crew® 2 have been created on purpose and are part of the initial design of certain races and events. It is also true that many of them were unintended and were changing the way some races are played.


Thanks to community feedback, and thanks to a document put together by Giron228, our Dev Team could look into those shortcuts and address a large part of these races. It is important to emphasize the community contribution on this topic, as it drastically reduced the investigation time that would have been necessary to reach a similar outcome.

Our devs have changed some checkpoint placements, added new ones, placed additional props like barriers and made sure that using the back on track system is not teleporting you ahead on the track. We reviewed close to 70 different races and ended up tweaking nearly 50 of them. (the complete list of affected events will be available in the full patch notes, all these events will see their leaderboards wiped).

We know that we did not fix every shortcut currently available in the game, our community is always very creative to come up with new ways of getting always faster. But we are confident that we managed to fix an important portion of those races. We hope that this will allow you to enjoy racing against your friends in a better environment.

If you have spotted other shortcuts in need of being fixed, please let us know on our forums (bonus points for screenshots and videos).

Stock Tyres

We added several tyres to your vanity inventory for free. We would like everyone to have more customisation and competitive option by improving the number of stock tyres available to all vehicles.

The team has competitive integrity at heart and would like to avoid having shop or Motorpass items giving an advantage in terms of handling.

TC2 TIRES GIFT 960x540px


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