November 12, 2019


With the release of The Crew® 2 Blazing Shots, we are introducing a variety of new improvements and fixes to your game experience. Check out our patch notes below for the most notable changes.

For more information about The Crew® 2 Blazing Shots update, check out our dedicated article

This patch will be deployed via a maintenance at 10:00am Paris time on November 13th, and will be automatically downloaded when live. Please follow our official channels for the latest information.

Note: We have set the version number at 1.5, instead of 1.4, in order to align with our internal development process.



Estimated patch size: 14 GB



[Added] New vanity type: Underglows

[Added] 78 new vanity items - to be released on a weekly basis through the shop or as LIVE Summit rewards.

o 27 new Tires

o 26 new Smokes

o 25 Underglows


[Added] 17 New Live Summits and their associated set of activities & rewards.

o Including regular Themed weeks (e.g. Ghost Road special event)

o Discover the upcoming Live Summits on

[Fixed] Persistent display of player information (level, followers and bucks) after aborting a Live Summit activity.

[Fixed] Audio track from Live Summit introduction video keeps on playing in background while pause menu is opened.


[Fixed] Localization issues in Spanish and French.



[Added] 12 Vehicles, including special editions

o Elite Bundle 3

• Citroën GT (Hypercar) - 2008

• Ferrari 599XX EVO (Touring Car) - 2011

• Porsche Carrera GT (Hypercar) - 2003

o Shop additions

• November 13th

o Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse (Hypercar) - 2016

• December 4th

o Mazda RX-8 (Street Race) - 2010

o Live Summit Rewards

• November 27th - Ghost Road Summit:

o Ford F-150 RAPTOR RACE TRUCK Ghost Recon Edition (Rally Raid) – 2017

o & more to be revealed, stay tuned!


[Fixed] Missing AWD on Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo.

[Fixed] Dodge SRT Viper GTS can move forward while doing a burn with specific Pro Settings.

[Fixed] Drag Race vehicles glitch allowing players to surpass vehicle top speed.

[Fixed] Drag Race vehicles infinite nitro glitch after opening the world map.

[Fixed] Vehicle moving before engine is started.

[Fixed] Inconsistent breakable objects behavior.

[Fixed] Monster Truck vehicles going through arena stairs.

[Fixed] Missing differential Pro Setting on Mitsubishi Lancer Black Knight (Street Race).

[Fixed] Missing differential Pro Setting on Lamborghini Huracan Performante (Hypercar).

[Fixed] Missing differential Pro Setting on Jaguar F-Type Beta Handling (Street Race).



o [Improved] Handling on Aerobatic full line-up (mostly rudder).

Air Race

o [Improved] Balancing on Air Race full line-up:

• Behavior uniformization, while keeping differences of each vehicles

• Improved “Drift” (rudder).

Monster Truck

o [Improved] Handling of the Monster Trucks full Line-up:

• New tire & suspension system

• Increased stability & trajectory anticipation

• Improved precision and accelerating/braking behavior.

Street Race / Hypercar

o Beta Handling follow-up: deployment of an updated handling model on 10 existing vehicles.

o Please note: A dedicated survey will be shared in the upcoming weeks to collect your feedback on this topic.

[Updated] Handling of the Audi RS5 (Street Race)

[Updated] Handling of the BMW M4 (Street Race)

[Updated] Handling of the KTM X-BOW (Street Race)

[Updated] Handling of the Mercedes-Benz SLS (Street Race)

[Updated] Handling of the Volkswagen Golf GTi (Street Race)

[Updated] Handling of the Ferrari 458 Speciale (Hypercar)

[Updated] Handling of the Lamborghini Huracán Performante (Hypercar)

[Updated] Handling of the Lamborghini Veneno (Hypercar)

[Updated] Handling of the McLaren 12C (Hypercar)

[Updated] Handling of the Pagani Zonda F (Hypercar)

[Improved] Handling of the Bugatti Divo Magma Edition (Hypercar)

[Improved] Handling of the Ferrari F12 TdF (Hypercar)


o [Improved] Overall smoothing of vehicle bouncing behavior during collisions.


[Improved] Sound engine for BMW X6 M (Street Race)

[Improved] Sound engine for Dodge Viper (Street Race/Drift/Touring).

[Improved] Sound effect for Rev Limiter on all Rally Cross vehicles.

[Fixed] Persistent audio SFX while equipping a full performance parts set.



[Added] 17 new events – to be released along our new Live Summits.

o Please note that these one will remain available in regular progression (PVE) after their release.

[Fixed] Inconsistent AI behaviors:

o [Rally Raid] “Portfoliage” AI performing back-on-track in loop.

o [Hypercar] “Going to Vegas” AI remains struck at starting grid.

[Fixed] Collision issues:

o [Rally Raid] “Red Rock” Incorrect collision behavior on ramp


[Fixed] Floating rocks found on the mountaintop near Yosemite.

[Fixed] Floating house in San Francisco area.



[Fixed] PC - Gamma slider changes are not taken into account while on windowed or borderless full screen modes.


[Fixed] PC - Unable to re-bind Accelerate or Brake actions to controllers button A or B.

[Fixed] Key-binding conflict between quick messaging and horns.

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